5 Popular Day Trips From Berlin Germany

Berlin, historical capital and Germany’s largest city has many options to keep a traveler busy. While the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall and numerous museums are must see stops when visiting the city, visitors that take a extended stay in one of the many Berlin apartments or hotels around the city will find that Berlin is a great base for day trips to other parts of Germany.

If you are interested in going on some day-trips out of Berlin, but are wondering where to go, then check out the following for some ideas. With the following medley of choices the hard part is choosing which one to try.

Night view of Dresden Germany1. Spreewald Forest – The Spreewald is approximately 100 km outside of Berlin. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it is made up of over 200 little channels, pine forests, alder forests and grasslands. Visitors can explore the Spreewald with punts which are flat-bottom boats. Other ways to see this reserve include bicycling and by hot air balloons. End the day with a trip to the village of Lehde for a walk through the Lehde Pickle Museum.

2. Frankfurt-an-der-Oder – Located 100 km away, in Brandenburg, this town is situated on River Oder and boasts some impressive architecture. Visit the Friedenskirche (1226), the Peace Church, for a look at Gothic architecture at its most impressive. The post office and town hall are two more examples of the Gothic period. On the other side of the River Oder is Słubice, a town in Poland that is easy to put into your day trip.

3. Dresden – Just 2 hours from Berlin is the lovely city of Dresden. Situated along the River Elbe, Dresden is a must for architectural buffs. Buildings such as the Dresden Castle which has Baroque, Classical and Renaissance influences, the Zwinger Palace with its famous moat and the Hofkirche, a Roman Catholic Church, which is one of Dresden’s landmarks are an architectural enthusiasts dream.

4. Leipzig – Leipzig is also just 2 hours from Berlin. Germany’s most famous zoo, the Leipzig Zoo, is located here. Visit Pongoland, a large enclosure for primates such as gorillas and orangutans as well as the Kiwara Savannah with giraffes, zebras and flamingos. Other attractions include the Bach Museum and attending a Bar Crawl in the Drallewatsch district.

Old town hall , Altes Rathaus, Leipzig, Germany5. Wandlitz – Wandlitz is approximately 25 km outside of Berlin and boasts a large lake that visitors can walk around. It is a 3 hour walk with charming scenes of the lake as well as some lovely homes. The Lido, on the shores of the lake, is a great place to experience windsurfing, go for a swim on the public beach or go horseback riding. Walking through the town is also a pleasurable experience because of the charming architecture of buildings such as the Lanke Palace and the Church of Schönerlinde.

This is just a short list of the many places to see within easy reach for a day trip from Berlin. Taking a extended stay in one of the fine hotels or apartments in Berlin, visitors will find Germanys largest city offers numerous options inside and outside of the city.


Enjoy The Country, Berlin To Dresden

When visiting Berlin, you might want to take a day trip out of the largest city in Germany and discover other interesting sites in the country. The City of Dresden is less than 200 km south of Berlin and has a rich and storied history. By car, the trip from Berlin to Dresden is about 2 hours and by train, which runs frequently from Berlin to Dresden, takes about 4 hours.

River Elbe and the city of Dresden, GermanyAlong the River Elbe, Dresden suffered massive damages during World War II from the Allied Forces bombings that virtually destroyed the city. However the city has rebuilt itself and now resembles all of the grandeur that it previously had before the bombings.

Dresden was once the capital of Saxony, and the city’s history goes back over a thousand years. Today Dresden has reclaimed its status as a cultural, political and economic center of Germany.

There are several interesting attractions to see in Dresden and perhaps the most important building is the Dresden Frauenkirche, or Dresden Church of Our Lady. The church was destroyed during the bombings that occurred during World War II and took years of rebuilding to its current state of grandeur. Today the church looks remarkably like it did centuries ago.

Another important site to visit in Dresden is Der Dresdner Zwinger, or the Zwinger, a Baroque styled palace that is commonly thought to be the premier site in Dresden. Zwinger is considered to be one of the finest pieces of Baroque architecture in the world. Some of its top features are a vast courtyard, which includes the famous Wallpavilion and a number of art galleries.

Also not to be missed is the Semperoper, the Dresden Opera House, which had to be rebuilt a few times due to both the World War II bombings and a fire in the 19th century. This site is considered to be the most famous opera house in all of Germany, which features the world renowned Saxony State Orchestra.

Part of Dresden’s allure is the River Elbe, which stretches nearly 700 miles in length. through both the Czech Republic and Germany. One of the most popular places to visit along the Elbe is the Elbe Meadows. The residents of Dresden frequent the beautiful meadows to have lunch and view the live music that is presented there.
If you are looking for great places for fine dining in restaurant, here are a couple choices for your pleasure. The Grand Cafe Coselpalais is nearly 250 years old and is not far from the Dresden Frauenkirche. This fine restaurant is well known for its German-French cuisine and excellent selection of wines. Another great restaurant to consider is the Pulver Turm an der Frauenkirche. Pulver Turm is translated in English to be The Powder Tower. This popular restaurant, whose history goes back nearly 500 years, is reasonably priced and also features a wide variety of fine wines.

As you can see, there are plenty of attractions to see and places to dine. This historical city should definitely be on your list if you are looking for a day trip from Berlin.

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