Algarve, Portugal’s Southern Region

The Algarve region presents one of the premier Portuguese holiday destinations. With its breathtaking cliffs, natural bays and grottos, beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and picturesque whitewashed towns, foreigners flock to the region when summer arrives.

Coastline Algarve PortugalThe Algarve region is on the southern side of Portugal, within the province of Faro, a popular tourist destination all year. Enjoying a mild winter and warm, dry conditions during the rest of the year, the Algarve has several beach resorts where European visitors gather. The largest city in Algarve is Faro, a vibrant city with a busy airport where most visitors arrive to the Algarve region. Head east out of Faro, one will find along the east side of the Algarve is the Spanish border.

The Sierra de Monchique Mountains dominate the interior of Faro province, offering many hiking opportunities and places to enjoy the natural beauty. Several cities lie along the Atlantic coast, where the beaches of Falesia and Rocha get crowded. There are fishing and sailing charters, and a popular place to visit is the island of Tavira.

The name Algarve is a derivation of an Arabic word meaning “the west” and the Algarve was discovered as a tourist destination during the 1970s. Since then, a lot of new resorts have been built around central Algarve, in cities such as Albufeira and Carvoeiro, alongside medieval fishing villages. On the western side, there is a more traditional environment.

Quiet Beach Algarve PortugalThe Algarve region has something for every taste and budget, from top-flight ultramodern beach resorts to quiet, remote beaches to get away from it all. For accommodations, there are luxury resorts near the city center and marina or along the coast with beach front properties and large fresh water pools. Alternatively, choose Algarve hotels and villa accommodations occupying stunning cliff-top perches overlooking the beaches that are reached by winding paths. Find accommodation in Algarve here.

Trains and buses along the Algarve are clean and efficient, an easy way to get around for very little money. Rental cars and Limousines are available at many resorts. Restaurants along the Algarve coast offer a great variety of seafood, while those in the inland hills cook up delicious dishes made from locally grown produce. Local town restaurants and bars offer amazing value for the money.

All through the year, there are festivals and sporting events going on across the Algarve. The Mardi Gras festivities during February offer carnivals at several cities. Local celebrations are held on Liberation Day, April 25th. There is a Seafood Festival in the town of Olhao, and at Portimao is the Sardine Festival. Easter holiday festivals are held at Sao Bras de Alportel and other cities. Summer entertainment includes jazz festivals, open-air concerts, and beach parties. During Christmas and New Years eve, the entire Algarve coast lights up with fireworks.

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. With many places to chose for sun and relaxation, it can be difficult at times to decide where to go, one thing for sure, is you will not be disappointed with the Algarve region.

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