Scuba Diving the British Virgin Islands

If you are planning a scuba trip, and you are looking for the perfect place to go that has beautiful, pristine waters for you to dive in, you should consider going scuba diving off the coasts of the British Virgin Islands.  The British Virgin Islands are home to over 100 world class scuba diving sites that attract visitors from all over the world, so you will never have to wonder about where to dive.  You will be able to have great encounters with beautiful shipwrecks and reefs that are teeming with a wide variety of ocean life that you will be able to experience up close and personal.

Off The Coast Of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin IslandsYacht Charters

If you want to get the most out of your scuba travel to the British Virgin Islands, you should consider chartering a scuba diving yacht in order to give you access to the most remote, hidden scuba diving locations possible. By planning a scuba trip using a scuba diving yacht charter, you can engage in courses that are suitable for both beginner divers as well as scuba experts.  In fact, many of these yachts not only know where to dive so you can have the best experience possible, but they also contain all the diving gear that you will need on board the boat.

Local Dive Companies

However, if you are planning your scuba vacation somewhat more casual, you might not need to charter a yacht for the express purpose of showing you all the best hidden places to dive, but instead work with a local dive company that specializes in scuba travel.  Many of these businesses offer a service that is known as rendezvous diving, where they will meet up with you, take you out to your dive location, guide you around the dive site and then make sure you return safely to shore so you won’t have to worry about navigating around the British Virgin Islands.

Scuba Diving British Virgin IslandsDive Sites

If you have decided to travel to the British Virgin Islands for a trip you will never forget, you should be prepared to know where to dive for optimal planning.  One of the most popular destinations for diving is the shipwreck of the RMS Rhone.  The RMS Rhone was an ocean steamer that sank during a hurricane in 1867.  Even after 117 years, this remarkable wreck is still mostly intact, and you will be able to see a great deal of decking and rigging as well as the steam engine and propeller, not to mention the variety of marine life that now calls the RMS Rhone home.

Another popular destination for scuba travel is off the southeastern coast of Cooper Island, to a place called Markoe Point.  Here, adventurous scuba divers will encounter a sheer rock wall that will plunge to depths of 70 feet to the ocean floor.

Best Time to Travel

While the best time for a scuba holiday to the British Virgin Islands is between December and May, the fact that the water is warm and the temperatures are mild all year long make the British Virgin Islands a great location for scuba travel no matter what time of the year.

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