Visiting Wandlitz, Germany from Berlin

Wandlitz, Germany, can be visited on a day trip from Berlin. The city is in the state of Brandenburg about 15 miles north of Berlin. The drive from Berlin to Wandlitz takes between 38 and 50 minutes. Travelers can also take a train from Berlin to Wandlitz. The train takes about 20 minutes. The closeness of Wandlitz makes this a perfect day trip for those staying in Berlin apartments and hotels.

Wandlitz Nature Park, Wandlitz, GermanyThe town of Wandlitz was established in 2004 when nine villages merged. Basdorf, Klosterfelde and Prenden are three of the villages.

Visitors to Wandlitz can stroll through museums, see historic sites, hike through forests, swim in lakes and sunbathe on the beach. There are places in the area for outdoor sports. German cuisine is served at Wandlitz restaurants.

The exhibits at the Agricultural Museum focus on the history of agriculture in the Brandenburg area. A combine harvester from 1937 is displayed here.

The Steam Railway Museum is next to the railway station in Basdorf. Items on display here include diesel trains and a steam train. This museum is open on Saturdays from March through November. Museum volunteers are available to run excursions all year.

The Museum of Circus Artists in Klosterfelde displays equipment and costumes used by circus performers.

The church in Basdorf is one of the historic sites in the area. The church tower dates back to the 13th century. There are castle ruins a mile away from Basdorf. The ruins can be reached by walking through the forest.

Wandlitz is next to the Barnim Nature Park. There is a forest in the park. The Wandlitz Lake is next to the town. Visitors can swim and sunbathe here.

The Liebnitz Lake is about seven miles east of Wandlitz. This lake can be reached by walking through the forest from the train station.

Golfers will be happy to discover a golf course in Prenden. Horseback riders will be able to go riding in the Wandlitz area.

Items on the menu at the SeePark Hotel restaurant include blood sausage ravioli and grilled pork belly. Roast duck, venison and smoked herring are served at the Landhaus Wandlitz-See. Diners can order Wiener schnitzel and goose breast at the Versunkene Glocke.

Looking for a quick getaway? Wandlitz is a great day trip for travelers sleeping in hotels and apartments in Berlin.

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