Giverny, Just A Short Day Trip From Paris


Located just west of France’s iconic capital of Paris, Giverny is a beautiful and historically significant town with much to do and see. Set in the lush River Seine valley, a trip to this picturesque village is like taking a journey back in time to another era. From historic houses to charming cafes to fascinating museums, Giverny is sure to inspire and please even the most jaded traveler. A visit to this quaint, beautiful village should be near the top of the list for anyone planning a visit or vacation to France.

Monets Garden and Lily Pond, Giverny, FranceJust a short day trip from Paris, if you are staying in one of the many Paris apartments, Giverny offers a break from that city’s cosmopolitanism and urbanism and instead gives visitors the charm and quaint atmosphere of rural France. The village enjoys a mild climate and is surrounded by stunning scenery. This idyllic atmosphere enhances Giverny’s charm and cultural appeal. Everyone from history buffs to art enthusiasts will find something to like about this magical place.

The top attraction in Giverny is Monet’s House. The home of the famous painter himself, the house is renowned for its beauty and eclectic appeal. Covered in vines, the house features Monet’s collection of Japanese prints. The exterior of the house is beautifully manicured and showcases a wide array of gardens and flowers. Visitors will discover a water garden with a Japanese bridge, waterlilies and weeping willows throughout the property. The house also contains a gift store with a wide array of souvenirs.

Monets Garden, Giverny, FranceAnother fascinating attraction is the Natural Mechanical Museum. This museum displays a wide variety of historical and modern engines and other mechanical devices. It offers an interesting glimpse into the world of mechanics and technological history.

Yet another great museum worth a visit is the Musee des Impressionnismes Giverny. This interesting museum exhibits a wide array of art and other Impressionist works, perfect for those interested in culture, art and art history. The museum’s beautiful paintings are sure to leave an indelible mark on those who view them.

Giverny also contains a number of great cafes, restaurants, shops and bed and breakfasts. These charming establishments come in a wide array of price ranges and tastes.

Giverny is located about 50 miles west of Paris. Visitors to Paris with a extended stay in one of the cities hotels or apartments in Paris will find Givney is a excellent choice for a day trip. Access is conveniently  available by road, train and bus.

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