Enjoy Your Vacation With Superb Accommodation


All of us enjoy a vacation, which is away from the maddening crowd. We all wish to enjoy some time at a slow paced manner. Having a relaxed vacation where time is leisure does not necessarily mean that you have to lie on a sun bed all the while. It could be a getaway to the mountain to cool off or try something new, like an adventure sport or a new game. It may be a new craft, something out of the normal. There are places all over the world, which give you an exceptional stay fulfilling your desires. Some offer hiking, some spas, and some golf courses. The main reason for a vacation is relaxing and enjoying. The most important detail that needs to be carefully looked at is your accommodation.Rental House Accommodations


A holiday abroad at one of the exotic international locations is every man’s dream come true. When you spend on the tickets and hotels, you wish for a pleasurable time.

An accommodation can make your vacation successful or can completely destroy the fun. On vacations every family member has some different requirement. When you choose an accommodation it needs to take care of all members, their requirements and something for them to enjoy.

With the arrival of the internet, you have the option to explore the various international destinations and also research more about the various facilities provided at these accommodations. Discovering new boundaries, different culture and striking food is easy as hotels provide the information on websites. The various astounding hotel accommodations in an alluring way enhance the fun and adventure of the traveller.

Some of the superb accommodation in many hotels varies from cosy studio apartments right up to six bedroom luxury homes for the discerning guest who wants a really plush place to stay in. Many hotels have the facility of local companies offering a concierge service so that any guest who comes to stay can get local information easily and even have tickets bought or reservations made while he is off relaxing somewhere. Most of the hotels are nestled in surroundings that are serene and calm for the guests to have an enjoyable time. Many accommodations also provide facilities for the pets. There are care centres for the pets, so that they don’t feel neglected when you are enjoying the outdoors.Fun Times Accommodations

Most of these luxury properties have things like hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, an in ground pool, massage rooms and anything else that a person may necessitate to relieve those tired muscles after being strained a little too much. The family also enjoy gathering around a real log fire or barbecue pit to while away the evening with tales of what they got up to that day. Many hotels provide these luxuries for providing a comfortable stay and a splendid vacation. If you are the one to enjoy nature at peace in the wilderness, there is also the option of log cabin style vacation homes. They ensure privacy and stunning nature views as well. Nestled in the natural surroundings you don’t have to stop your shopping you can enjoy the luxuries of dining, pools and spas and shops too.Accommodations with swimming pools

Many accommodations are made in such a manner that they are close to places of sightseeing, which saves you lots of time in traveling to that place and you can enjoy the culture, festivals and historic monuments of that city or place.

With covered parking for vehicles, some with under floor heating too, even the car is taken care of in first class surroundings. The superb accommodations are great for family gatherings or for friends to meet up again.Wilderness Accommodations

It is advisable to plan and check your options before you settle for an accommodation. It is better to plan and arrange beforehand to make your vacation more pleasant. Not only will you enjoy the exceptional moments with your loved ones but also save money on these vacations. The online booking system allows you to handle your tickets and hotel bookings as per your convenience. It is an assured way of securing the hotel rooms and other reservations such as car etc. After booking your tickets all you need is to pack your bags. The world is an amazing place and there is so much to learn and know about the diverse culture, the food and the city.

To enjoy your vacation it is required to make yourself comfortable so that you can be on the move. A suitable accommodation for your family and their needs assure your stay to be a pleasurable and fun filled one. When all individual needs are taken care of the stay becomes enjoyable. There is so much to gauge the change in culture, lifestyle and food styles and the amazing facilities the hotels provide, so book yourself a hotel accommodation that multiplies yours and your family’s fun quotient.




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Four Alternative European Destinations


Boasting culture and history galore, a visit to one of many European destinations is the ideal choice for a getaway. With direct flights readily available, visitors can wake up on arrival ready to explore the sights and sounds, taste the cuisine and experience what a city in Europe has to offer. Although Europe is spectacular throughout the year, Spring perhaps marks the perfect time to visit one (or more) of the cities as the cold winter has given way to pleasant spring temperatures with blue sky above and beautiful flowers in bloom below.

While automatic choices for European destinations invariably include Paris and London, Europe has much to offer beyond these two amazing cities. Here are just four of the alternative cities of culture waiting to be explored

1. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin - Guinness StorehouseA compact city, full of Irish charm, Dublin, Ireland makes for a special break where visitors can be engulfed by Celtic culture as they tour sights including historic buildings, impressive Georgian squares and the many small parks dotted in and around the center of the city. No visit to Dublin is complete without a trip to the Guinness Storehouse; a 1904 listed building which tells the story of this famous Irish drink. Even if you don't wish to sample it, the tour tells a great deal of the history of Ireland. Once the sightseeing is over, be sure to take a wander along the banks of the River Liffey. On St Patrick's Day it turns green!

Lisbon, Portugal2. Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon has long been regarded as a well kept secret but its allure has begun to seep out. A holiday here should be spent wandering the mosaic tiled shopping streets, taking in the inspiring architecture and sipping espresso while people-watching in some of the many grand squares. Perched above the city center is the Castelo de Sao Jorge, restored in the 1930s to its former glory and now offering picture perfect views across the city to the River Tagus and beyond.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen - Canal DistrictPerhaps regarded as one of the most vibrant of Europe's Capitals, Copenhagen has much to offer whatever your interests. Meander through the cobbled streets that open up into squares surrounded by impressive architecture and appreciate the ornate churches and castles that can be found within the city. The most famous view of Copenhagen is undoubtedly that of the canal district and the row of colorful buildings lining the banks. While away an evening here enjoying dinner and listening to the popular street entertainment.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague - Old Town HallFamous for its Gothic Cathedral and Castle, step back in time as you explore this beautiful city. Prague is every historic architecture lover’s dream with examples of every period from Romanesque onwards to be found throughout the city. Visit the Old Town area, which is seen as the heart of the city, and be sure to take in the Old Town Hall, perhaps the most striking building to be seen. Dating from 1338 it has expanded over the centuries and now is composed of a number of colorful Renaissance and Gothic properties. The building’s crowning glory is The Astronomical Clock, a beautiful timepiece that relates the movement of the universe through the signs of the zodiac.

Whichever of the European cities you decide to visit, you will be sure of a memorable experience.



About the author: Laura Costa is a keen writer, traveller and photographer – like most people she would like to do these far more often than she is able to



The Skill of Creating Excellent Travelogues

 Travelogue By Notanotherusername.jpg

Writing about your travels through the creation of a travelogue is not merely a way of recording your memories for future enjoyment, but is an excellent method of sharing information about a location with others. For this reason the best travelogues are full of rich and detailed descriptive information about a destination enabling the reader to conjure up images from the writing.

A number of useful tips to take into account when compiling a travelogue can help the creation of an accurate and engaging travelogue:

Make it more than just a recording of day-to-day events

Purely writing day by day entries of where you went, what you did, what you saw and what you ate makes for a dull travel report. Weave in description, interest and feelings to your travelogue writing and create a photographic description of the places you visit. A travelogue should create a picture in the minds of readers through the written words enabling the reader to visualise the place being described.

A travelogue is not limited to words

Take advantage of today's technology and do not limit your travelogue to words alone. The most effective and inviting travelogues are accompanied by photographs and writers-own simple illustrations to help evoke the magic of a destination in the readers' minds. Even local leaflets and brochures together with travel tickets (from budget airline flights, trains, buses and subways) can be collected and included perhaps through photographs. The travelogue should be telling a story about the whole journey so items you collect on the way will add substance to the words.

Provide information on how to get to the destination

A travelogue should not merely be about the destination itself: the journey there is just as important. Therefore provide information on the best ways to travel there including airline details, trains, or generally any details that you feel are important.

Engage with local people and provide some cultural background

A travelogue should provide first hand experience of a destination and for even more in-depth, colourful writing try engaging with the local people you encounter on your travels. Ask about legends associated with the location and any other information that only local people would know. Discover the stories behind the festivals and events you may encounter and write about this in your travelogue.

Write about some of the must-do attractions

Your travelogue should include descriptive writing about the destination's attractions including the must-do activities for any visitor. However do not limit yourself to the well-known attractions that can be found in any guide book. Explore the destination and discover some lesser known attractions that could include local markets and spots with particularly mesmerising views.

Tips and Advice

Wherever you go there is always something you wish you had known prior to travelling including useful travel tips, an attraction or even an important cultural do or don't. Make note of the things that you have learnt on your travels for the benefit of future visitors. Especially important (and interesting to the reader) are etiquette differences between countries. For example some places require the wearing of specific clothing or behaving in a certain way. Perhaps undertake some research and also explain why particular etiquette is required.

A travelogue should be an engaging and thought provoking log detailing your travels. Aim to describe the sights, sounds and feelings you encountered along the way.


How to find cheap holidays

Air passenger duty, the tax British citizens have to pay on every flight departing the UK, has just risen by 8%. This isn’t a huge jump in real terms, just £1 per short-haul flight per person, however, when you take into account that global hotel prices rose by 4% last year and inflation within the UK is tightening already tight family purse strings, you can say with great certainty that holidays are becoming more expensive. With so many predators trying to strike down the annual family holiday, families up and down the UK are becoming more desperate. There is no way they will give up their week on the beach, on the snow or in a foreign city – they didn’t in the height of the recession – but the pressure is on to find cheap holidays that don’t come up cheap in terms of quality.

Sailboats in an inlet on the Spanish island of MinorcaIf you are one of these cash strapped families looking for cheap holidays without any significant loss in quality, read on for tips on how to find just what you’re looking for.

Wreck on the beach at Boa Vista, Cape Verde by YXO on flickrPick your destination wisely

Beachcomber Pete has a massive range of cheap holidays and, as the name suggests, its focus is on beach breaks. You can track down new beach locations using its destination search and find somewhere a little off the beaten track. By straying from the madding crowd you can find cheap holidays that pack in plenty of value. For example, try the north coast of Menorca rather than the south coast of Mallorca and try out the Cape Verde Islands rather than the Canaries.

Book at the last minute

If you have nerves of steel and aren’t too fussed about where you spend your holiday a last minute holiday is one of the best ways of getting a ‘cheap as chips’ summer break. You’ll need an accommodating employer to let you have time off at the drop of a hat, but you could come up trumps if you are prepared to wait. Even in the middle of the school holidays there is unsold stock that tour operators would rather shift at a heavily discounted rate than not at all. However, you may be unlikely and find that nothing comes up or that the discount is rather insignificant, but it’s always worth a try, plus it’s more of an adventure.


Travel Photo Of The Day- Roatan, Honduras

Tropical Secluded Beach, Roatan Honduras

Photo By Adeliepenguin

Tropical Secluded Beach, Roatan, Honduras

Clear turquoise water and blue sky with big billowy white clouds set the scene for a secluded beach along the coast of the island of Roatan, Honduras, a popular tourist, vacation, and cruise destination on the Caribbean Sea in Central America.

For more information and destinations in Honduras check out Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures Honduras


Travel Photo Of The Day- Smith Cove, Grand Cayman

Smith Cove, Grand Cayman

Photo By Jo Ann Snover

Craggy ironshore formation limestone rocks at the edge of Smith Cove, Grand Cayman


 Although Grand Cayman is a low lying island, it is actually the summit of a massive, barely-exposed, undersea mountain. This mountain is part of an undersea chain known as the Cayman Ridge which extends westward from the island of Cuba.

For more information and destinations in Cayman Islands check out Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures Cayman Islands


Travel Photo Of The Day-The Castle of Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain

The Castle of Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain

Photo By Travelpeter

The Castle of Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain

Lloret de Mar is a small resort town located in the northeastern part of Spain on the coast. It is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Brava and is 75 km from Barcelona.

For more information and destinations in Spain check out Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures Spain


Travel Photo Of The Day-Coastline on Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas

Coastline on Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas

Photo By Enzo Minchella

Coastline on Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas

Grand Bahama Island, fifth largest island in the chain of Bahamanian Islands, is one of the most northern islands as well as closest island to Florida's coastline. West End to just past Sweeting's Cay the island stretches 96 miles through the turquoise blue waters of the Bahamas.

For more information and destinations in Bahamas check out Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures Bahamas



Travel Photo Of The Day- Perito Moreno Glaciar Argentina

Perito Moreno Glaciar Argentina

Photo By Alexandre Fagundes De Fagundes

The front of Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, the mass of blueish ice flowing into Argentina lake and the white snow peaks of the mountains.

Traveling to the worlds end in southern Argentina will take you to the region known as Patagonia, the southernmost point of South America is an area made up low plains and plateau that give way to the start of the mighty Andes as they rise upward and wind north forming the back bone of South America

For more information and destinations in South America check out Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures South America


Travel Photo Of The Day- Skiathos, Island Greece

Skiathos, Island Greece

Photo By Mikael Damkier

Skiathos, Island Greece

Hundreds of islands are to be found in the Aegean Sea, both large and small. Most of them belong to Greece, but recent decades have seen some disputes with Turkey over the details. Despite a lack of technology, many ancient travelers found it easier to travel over the water than to navigate Greece’s rough land routes

For more information and destinations in Greece check out Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures Greece

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