Day Trip To Cordoba From Seville Spain

Cordoba, the Andalusia city in southern Spain, has the distinction of being designated as a World Heritage Site. The city is a blend of varied societies as it was both the capital during the Roman period and an Islamic caliphate in the Middle Ages. Cordoba was a city of merit during the 10th and 11th century as the city with the largest population in the world and as the academic heart of Europe.

The Cathedral Mosque Alminar in Cordoba, SpainCordoba’s historic district is comprised of a striking complex of tiny streets, town squares and courtyards centered about the city’s Mosque-Cathedral. The city is known for its art and culture because of the events that occur.

Thinking of staying in one of the many apartments in Seville or just passing through from Madrid, travelers will find Cordoba is a contemporary city linked to other cities in Andalusia and the rest of Spain. Cities such as Seville and Madrid can be reached by AVE or high-speed train system. AVE trains run on the hour from Madrid, with the trip taking just under 2 hours, and trips from Malaga and Seville running under one hour. AVE has two daily trains to Barcelona, and there is an inexpensive sleeper train from Cordoba to Barcelona and to other cities.

Bus service leaves from Madrid to Cordoba six times a day. Regular bus service departs from the central bus station in Cordoba to most Andalusia towns. After flying into Madrid, Malaga, or Seville, take a train or bus to Cordoba.

Most of Cordoba’s sites are found in the Old city and are easily reached by walking. This includes the bus and train station, stores, attractions, restaurants. and lodging. Traveler’s maps from the tourist offices show the town’s point of references as being the river, the Passeo de la Victoria, and the Plaza de las Tendillas. Most of the attractions encircle the area around the Mezquita-Cathedral. For a more traditional view, go east of the Mezquita-Cathedral to observe the procession after the Catholic Mass. Just beware of beggars who work the area.

Most of Cordoba’s attractions are historical. La Mezquita began as a Mosque and encloses a cathedral inside. Many of the other attractions are located near la Mezquita. Calleja de la Flores, near the tower, is a slender lane with flowers and a square. Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos was a fort of the Christian rulers and is famous for its gardens. Puerto del Christo de los Faroles, one of many squares, is the most imposing. Medina Azahara, the relics of the caliphate in the west, was constructed beginning in the 900s. It is found 5 km west of the city. La Sinagoga is one of the only three synagogues still in Spain.

Cordoba is a city of festivals with May being the most favored month. Feria de Cordoba is a fair of celebration with drink, dance and food. Cata de Viino-Montilla Moriles is the festival of wine-tasting. During the Festival de Patios, the people who live in the old city let the public view their courtyards. The festivals continue throughout the year.

Visitors to town can tour Cordoba by driving an electric car, which is supplied with GPS and audio tours in several languages, by a Segway tour, which covers sites not always found by visitors, and by a walking tour of the old city.

Cordoba has a range of restaurants to chose from, La Albaida is in a renovated castle in the Cordoba sierra and serves typical Cordoban food. Many serve traditional food of Cordoba. Many more restaurants remain to be explored. Make sure you stop and visit one of the many Cordoba’s bars and cafes the city has to offer. Plaza de la Corredera is a ideal place to sit in a sidewalk cafe and watch the world go by while taking in all the history Cordoba has to offer.

So if you are staying in one of the many Seville apartments available and looking for a convenient day trip or just passing through as you explore southern Spain, you will find that a stop in Cordoba will be worthwhile and interesting

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