Geneva’s Most Famous Landmark – Jet d’Eau Fountain

Guest Post By: Margie Miklas


If you have ever been to Geneva you have undoubtedly see its famous landmark, the Jet d’Eau Fountain. One of the largest fountains in the world and the largest in Europe, the Jet d’Eau is even visible from the air at over 30,000 feet.

Geneva’s Most Famous Landmark – Jet d’Eau Fountain , SwitzerlandFountain Facts

Jet d’Eau is situated on Lake Geneva where it empties into the Rhone River. Its spray reaches a height of 459 feet, pumping 132 gallons of water per second. It is operated by two 500 kW pumps at 2400 volts and water leaves the nozzle at 124 mph.

The fountain operates year round except during very strong winds or when the temperature is below 2 degrees Celsius, or 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The fountain also closes down for three weeks in November for maintenance

History of the Fountain

Originally installed in 1886 at a location downstream the fountain was a safety valve for a hydraulic plant and was much smaller, with a height of less than 100 feet. Five years later the fountain was relocated to its current location and at this time the height of the fountain had increased to an altitude of almost 300 feet. Its value as a tourist attraction was recognized since large crowds started to visit this spot. The present fountain was installed in 1951 and is one of Geneva’s most recognized landmarks.

Jet d'Eau Fountain in Geneva SwitzerlandPlaces to View Jet d’Eau

When I was in Geneva and first saw the Jet d’Eau Fountain I was very impressed and as I walked all around the huge lake I was amazed that I could still see this fountain from a distance. Close up I could see visitors who were not content to see it from the lakeside but rather walked out onto a jetty that took then very close to the fountain. Obviously depending on the shifting winds if you choose to see the fountain from this perspective plan on getting wet!

Other options are the various companies offering cruises on the lake. There are small yellow ferries which cross Lake Geneva and these are also great for getting close views of Jet d’Eau for a reasonable fee.

In the evenings the fountain is illuminated and I have only seen photos of this, not having been there at night but I would love to see it first- hand sometime. Jet d’Eau is a beautiful fountain that has become the symbol of Geneva, so if you go you won’t want to miss it.

Guest Post By: Margie Miklas

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Geneva’s Flower Clock

Guest Post By: Margie Miklas


Geneva,  is Switzerlands second largest city and is generally considered to be the world capital of the watch industry so it only makes sense that one of its landmarks is a clock made out of flowers. Geneva’s Flower Clock, also known as l'Horloge Fleurie, is centrally located on the edge of the English Garden, or  Jardin Anglais, and the southern bank of Lake Geneva. The clock has been telling time and delighting visitors for over 50 years.

Flower Clock in Geneva SwitzerlandAbout the Flower Clock

A total of 6500 plants are set inside the clock and the full-time gardeners replant the flowers each season so the colors vary at different times throughout the year. One of the most photographed sites in Geneva, the Flower Clock is five meters in diameter with a circumference of 15.7 meters. For Americans lie me that translates to 6.4 feet in diameter and over 50 feet in circumference. Its second hand has the distinction of being the longest one in the world at 2.5 meters, or 8.2 feet. The original design of the clock was quite a bit smaller and was only a one circle clock but in 2002, the clock was remodeled and now consists of eight concentric floral circles.

Reviews of the Flower Clock

Reviews are mixed about this Flower Clock based on the major travel websites. Some visitors are not impressed and others are thrilled to be able to photograph this unique and famous public clock in Geneva. I loved seeing it and since I was there in June the colors of the flowers wee brilliant. I have seen photos of this Flower Clock taken in the winter with snow covering the ground and naturally it is nowhere near as impressive.

The Flower Clock is a beautiful landmark in Geneva to enjoy as you are already walking around Lake Geneva along the lakeside promenade and passing through the English Gardens and maybe walking to Old Town. I thoroughly enjoyed the Flower Clock and naturally took advantage of the photo opportunity it presented. The Flower Clock is not the type of attraction that you need to spend hours visiting. That is one of the positives about it.  There are no lines and you can see it and enjoy it in 15 minutes or so.


Lake Geneva Geneva SwitzerlandClocks and Watches in Geneva

Since Geneva is the world’s leader in watch making and clocks, the city has over 50 public clocks and 200 watch stores. One of those interesting clocks is the mechanical clock of the Hôtel Cornavin. This clock is the tallest in the world and generates a lot of touristy interest.

If you just can’t get enough of watches and clocks, you can visit the four story Patek Philippe Museum , which features collections of watches and clocks from the 16th century to the 20th century.

Guest Post By: Margie Miklas

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