Barcelona, Spain’s Stellar Nightlife

Founded 2200 years ago by the Carthaginians, Barcelona has marched through time as a city that has been besieged by numerous cultures of the ancient world. The Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Visigoths and the Muslims engaged in sacking and celebrating in this city of wine and festival. Throughout the Middle Ages and into modern times, this second largest city in Spain, which occupies a fertile plain between the mountains and the sea, has been revered as a realm of art and extraordinary architecture.

Today, this high-energy port has an exciting reputation as a sea city of marvelous gastronomy and stimulating night clubs. Finding a hotel or apartments in Barcelona will not be a problem, with many price ranges to suit all budgets, travelers will be able to afford and enjoy all the nightlife the city has to offer.

Catalan Cuisine Magnifico

Making of Pallea, Barcelona SpainThe classic Catalan cuisine of Barcelona is typified by food combinations that aren’t generally seen in other countries. Beef and fish are integrated in the same dish, a wide variety of nuts are utilized in sauces and poultry is cooked with a range of fruits. The diverse culinary cultures have worked gastronomic alchemy over the centuries to make these opposites blend into unique dining experiences.

Via Veneto creates a wide range of regional delicacies that incorporate very authentic recipes from centuries past. The restaurant itself radiates an aura of another century when sumptuous spanish dishes were created to be slowly savored.

The great Spanish institution of paella can most exquisitely be experienced at Can Majo, which is right on the ocean. This beloved restaurant also creates a noodle based fideusa. Comerc 24 is touted as being the quintessential example of nouvelle Catalan cuisine. The chief, Carles Abellan, is widely noted as a flamboyant innovator of modern Catalan dishes.

Els Pescadors is reputed to serve the absolute freshest sea food in Barcelona. The menu is always filled with fish that have been caught that very day, never the day before.

For the Spanish traditionalist, the ideal restaurant is 7 Portes. With its turn of the twentieth century atmosphere and remarkably savory meat and fish entrees, the 7 Portes is a gastronomic institution with the discriminating natives of Barcelona.

Spanish Ham Barcelona, SpainNight Clubs Fantastico

Night clubbing in Barcelona frequently becomes a nocturnal adventure that extends to the crack of dawn. Club Apolo/Nitsa is a prime example of these night stalker clubs. This red hot club rocks the roof off all night with a techno focus

Octopussy is an outdoor venue on the waterfront, and it has become extraordinarily popular. Patrons are expected to be well-dressed to experience the diverse music under the stars of Barcelona.

Partyular is an unique club that is set in a mansion on a hill in the Tibidabo area. It is a quite trendy all night affair.

A club that integrates the ancient and the modern is Torres de Avila. It is located in the medieval district of Avila, but it resonates with the hippest techno music.

The most popular club with many club goers is La Terrazza. Replete with a striking terrace and huge patio dance floor, La Terrazza captures the quintessence of Barcelona night life, which can be wild and diverse but is always entertaining.

So find a Barcelona accommodation to match your budget and lose yourself in the stellar nightlife to be found throughout the city.

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