Popular Places to Visit in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, boasts of a host of exciting activities to do and memorable places to visit. One thing that is guaranteed in the city is a fun filled time. Below are some of the top places you should visit when in Barcelona. While you are checking out these top places, think about your accommodation in Barcelona, plenty of boutique hotels, hostels as well as Barcelona apartments will help make you stay enjoyable.

The first place to stop by is the Poble Español de Montjuic. This is a Spanish village that is located at the foot of Mt. Montjuic. The village has a collection of buildings, monuments, squares and streets that represent the varied cultures in Span. Created in 1929, this is a one-stop tour destination that has brings out the various cultures in the country.

Casa Battlo, Barcelona SpainVisitors should not miss the famous fairytale building in Barcelona- the Casa Battló. Located in the L'Eixample neighborhood, the building was completely redesigned by Antonio Gaudi, one of the most talented building designers in Spain. The Casa Battló is characterized by tiles and scales on the exteriors, domineering chimneys and a beautiful interior. The Casa Milà (La Pedrera) is another of the top attractions in the city. This beautiful architectural piece is located In the L'Eixample neighborhood on the border of Barcelona and Gràcia. The building was initially a residential place and also had leased separate dwellings during its early years. Its fascinating interior architecture is a must-see for anyone who loves great architectural designs.

The Temple de la Sagrada Familia is another masterpiece that was worked on by Gaudi. Although Gaudi passed away before the building was completed, you can see his genius in the completed sections. Construction is still going on and visitors are allowed to view the building for free.

Gaudi Waves at Parque Guell Barcelona SpainApart from architectural attractions, you will love the chic affordable cafes and restaurants in the city. A wide variety of menus are on offer including American and Asian fares. Most food joints are located on the Las Rambalas, which is near the port. You will not also miss the Human Statues of Barcelona. These are human actors who stay immobile for 6 hours or more everyday along the busy street. After a long day of strolling and shopping in Barcelona, relax at the Parque Güell. The park was originally meant to be a residential area but was later turned into a park. It has beautiful Gaudi creations of stone and tile work and offers a beautiful view over the city.

The above are some of the top attractions every visitor should not miss when in Barcelona. 

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