In Search of Ancient Gods

Eleven days off, the questions start, where should we go?, what should our next adventure be? My last foray to Stonehenge getting me excited about ancient and mystical ruins, a trip to Costa Rica last month getting my fill of warm weather and beaches, I thought about a trip down south, way down south. A great little adventure that I have thought about for years and was just sitting in the back of my mind was a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru.

So , with the stars starting to align, my 1 week vacation at the end of March, with 4 days off at the beginning of April gave me 11 days to make this trip. My wife and son having spring break at the same time this year as my days off gave them the opportunity to make this trip with me, I guess you could call it a family trip, yet we had to sacrifice our daughter. Yeah sacrifice, that’s a good word that  goes  with searching for ancient Gods, a 21 year old, a junior at Florida State University in Tallahassee and only 2 weeks left before final exams, it was not possible for her to join us. You know, responsibilities, sacrafices.

As with most of my trips or adventures, I really did not start looking at heading to Machu Picchu until 1 week ago, I mean if I only needed a week and a half to plan my bike trip across America, why would we need more time to plan a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru.

Watching the loads out of Miami to Lima I knew it was going to be tight going standby, Peru seems to be a very popular destination for travelers and tourist alike.

Well when I mention that the stars started to align, I was not thinking that there was going to be a major fire at the Miami Airport fuel farm. Luckily nobody was hurt, yet the fire totally threw American Airlines Miami flight operations into a tailspin. Losing the capability of pumping fuel from the ground, American had to resort to fueling planes from trucks, this in turn cut American flight schedule by 60% do to the length of time it would require to fuel the planes.

Many flights canceled, meant many passengers did not make it into Miami, a bum rap for passengers, a bonanza for flying standby, all of a sudden our trip that was going to be full now had almost 60 empty seats. Having to drive from Orlando to Miami was the only draw back, since the days flights had been canceled.

Knowing that we were getting on the flight, next up was a quick check on the internet for a hotel room in Lima, plan was one night in Lima and then onward to Cuzco. Finding a couple of hotels on the internet, out with the computer, start up Skype and 5 minutes later had a room waiting for us in Lima. Told it was a mid range hotel, $54.00 we will have to see, hey it’s an adventure.

So with the stars falling farther in line, we head south to South America and Peru. Miami to Lima , 5 ½ hour flight gave us time to think about the next day, the next part of the adventure of searching for ancient gods.

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