Lima to Cusco, In Search of Ancient Gods

If you are headed to Cusco, most likely you will be traveling from Lima, now there are other cities that travelers arrive to Cusco from, yet Lima is the major entry point into Peru. Unless you want to make the 22 hour trip from Lima to Cusco by bus or auto you will be traveling from Jorge Chavez International Airport.

Arriving at the airport at 10.00 am we proceeded to the LAN Peru ticket counter, LAN Peru is not the only airline flying to Cusco, yet they have the most frequency and this is the airline we had our standby ticket on.

Checking in we were told that our suitcases would have to be checked in, LAN Peru has a weight limit of 8 Kilos (17 pounds) that is allowed in the cabin, basically a purse or small backpack. As the agent was checking us in for the 10:30 am flight and talking to us, the flight closed for additional passengers, no problem she told us the next flight was at 10:50 am. LAN Peru operates flights to Cusco almost every 15 to 20 minutes during the morning hours and every hour in the afternoons.

Next, off to the gate, passing through the new food court, security and shops that Jorge Chavez International has to offer we made it to our flight. Door closed at exactly 10:50 am, only 50 minutes after we had arrived to the airport. It seems LAN Peru airlines has got this down to a science as they are moving a lot of people between Lima and Cusco, basically a air shuttle.

Rolling Hills Peruvin AndesTaking off to the south we were given small glimpses of the city of Lima and the coastline peaking through the early morning fog that Lima is known for. Next it was a turn inland as we started the climb to make the ascent into the Peruvian Andes and the city of Cusco at 10,860 feet . During the climb we only got an occasional view of snow covered mountain peaks through the clouds covering the mountains, The 45 minute flight from the Lima to Cusco went quick, yet the flight attendants still were able to do a beverage and snack service, you don’t see that in the States any more.

Popping out of the clouds we were greeted with the sight of fantastic mountain peaks and rolling hills of the Peruvian Andes. As the airplane made the descent into the valley that is home to Cusco and the Alejandro Velesco Aste International Airport, we had a excellent view of the city on the left side of the plane, to the right it seemed you could almost reach out and touch the mountains, a 180 degree turn at the one end of the valley lined us up with our landing at he airport.

Cusco Airport Peru Baggage Area Entering the luggage and arrival area of the airport, you will find numerous hotel desks as well as tour operators for those of you who have not made plans for you stay or adventure in the Cusco and Machu Picchu area.

Outside the terminal we found plenty of taxis on hand, we chose one, or maybe he chose us, told us the name of the hotel and off we went. Introduced ourselves and stuck up a good conversation with our driver Isaac. In the 15 minute drive through the city and to the hotel the driver was very friendly and informative. He was telling us about everything we wanted to see in Cusco, the all day tours to the Sacred Valley that were offered, we could go via a tour group, about 30 people and $90 for the 3 of us, or a private tour with him for $130 with him including lunch.

By the time we arrived at the hotel  I decided to take the driver up on his offer of an all day tour for the next day of the Sacred Valley. We made arrangements and said our good byes till tomorrow.

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