Malta’s Nightlife

Lights reflecting Grand Harbour Malta

Lights reflecting Grand Harbour Malta

Sitting in the glimmer of streetlights with the sweet fragrance of a Mediterranean breeze sifting around you off the Grand Harbour – what could be better? Visiting Malta is Europe’s well-endowed secret to luxury and sultry excitement. This cluster of islands offers a scintillating place to find romance, delight and nightlife. After stealing away from the humdrum of life, you will be envious of your hours spent there again and again.

As a vital fueling point for many ships, Malta is a bustling seaport. Sporting excellent harbors, it is where a wide variety of seacraft glide in to make their presence. At night the lights of ferries, cruise ships and yacht parties lightly reflect off the water. Salty scents sweep over the dusty-toned structures of ancient structures and edifices along the coastlines.

Being a place of such advantageous location, situated between Sicily and North Africa, Malta was traded and fought over through the hands of many nations. The countries and nations of the French, Greek, Sicilians, and British were just a few of the powers that held Malta in their hands. Now, as a republic, it is governed by a President and his House of Representatives, plus a Prime Minister. The people are adamantly strong in their loyalty to the political system, providing the second highest voter turnout rate in the world.

Paceville's Spinola Bay Malta

Paceville's Spinola Bay, Malta

Fortifications lingering from the ancient protectors of the seaport asset line the borders of the main islands. Standing eloquent with history and hardship, Fort St. Angelo jets out on a peninsula in the middle of the Grand Harbour, introduces the beautiful remains of a Roman defense.

The climate is everything you would imagine a Mediterranean island to be – warm and sultry, with gentle rains in the winter and spicy warmth in the summer. It’s perfect for walking on the sidewalks in night glamor attire, flitting from entertainment and dining all over the capital city of Valletta. Quaint cafes and bistros for the light appetite scatter along the walkways near the busy streets. Favoring a scene out of a movie, the delicious seaside dining is ample and exquisite for your feasting pleasure.

Because of its international tourist attraction, Malta is an exciting place to meet and interact with new people from all over the globe. Malta Clubs and places of mingling are situated all over the main cities. If dancing is your taste, salsa and other types of dancing are available in several venues within Valletta. Dance groups also bring culture and entertainment to the nightlife. In a place where modern motivation and ancient romance mix to create an overwhelming sensation, you can find ample opportunities to make those memories that will linger a lifetime. For more information on Malta’s clubs and bars, click here.

For the more adventurous vacationers, night diving is available near the mainland and off of the smaller islands of Gozo and Comino. Along these shores, there are underwater caves and grottos where the oceanic creatures hide in abundance. With warm, immersing waters and a bounty of unique and intriguing sealife surrounding the islands, night diving is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Malta has a little touch of magic for everyone. Gardens, museums, dining, sight-seeing, history, and a wealth of intricate beauty – all enveloped into one striking place. Enjoy the best of life when you take a trip to the islands of Malta. For more information on Malta checkout My Destination Malta


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