Spend the Day on Danube Bend, Budapest

Floating along the scenic Danube Bend on a cruise is one of the most wonderful ways to see Hungary. Cruises and tour boats range in price and distance so that travelers can choose their trip according to time and budget. For tours visiting a few cities and villages along the river like Esztergom, Visegrad and Szentendre, a good full day is needed making a stay in one of many holiday apartments Budapest a good home base to seeing these cities.

Danube Bend HungaryEsztergom

Some City Facts and Attractions -

- The city is nearly 50 kilometers to the northwest from Budapest.
- Esztergom is located across the river from Slovakia.
- This city was Hungary's capital from the 900s to the 1200s AD.
- Basilica – The largest cathedral in all of the country includes a chapel made of red marble.
- Hungarian Waterworks Museum – Near the heart of Esztergom, this museum is a celebration of water and the Danube with fascination for people of all ages.

A Great Restaurant -

Fili Etterem – For quiet dining and authentic Hungarian cuisine, this restaurant just down from the Basilica is an excellent place with outdoor and indoor dining options.


Some Village Facts and Attractions -

- The castle town is just over 40 kilometers from Budapest.
- The village is famous for the medieval ruins of the citadel and summer palace of King Matthias.
- The castle sits high above the Danube Bend, and this amazing stronghold that is open for touring was built in the mid-1200s.
- Summer and Winter Bobsled Track – Visitors can purchase tickets to try an exciting ride on the two good-sized toboggan tracks.

A Great Restaurant -

- Renaissance – Right across from the ferry station, this establishment provides a true dining experience set in the Renaissance era from the delicious food to the music to the servers' clothing.


Some Town Facts and Attractions -

- This charming village has a Mediterranean feel, and it is known for its artists and art galleries as well as its museums.
- The town is only about 20 kilometers from Budapest.
- The Margit Kovacs Ceramics Museum has a huge collection of lovely ceramics some of which have Byzantine or folk motifs.
- Skanzen-Hungarian Open-Air Museum – Begun in 1967, this captivating museum is a step back into traditional Hungarian life and history.

A Great Restaurant -

Cafe Christine is on Gorog utca 6, and serves Hungarian specialties and international dishes.

Travelers will find holiday apartments Budapest an ideal idea to get to know Budapest as well as taking day trips to surrounding cities and country side.


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