Take a Journey to the Top 5 best Indian Beaches this Summer

Forget Australia, Rio de Janeiro and even Ibiza or the beaches of Sunny California, you have plenty of options this time to choose from the bounty of coastal regions in India. The action is happening in India’s beaches and you sure wouldn’t want to miss all the fun. Take a look at the best 5 beaches we have found for you and be marveled at what they have to offer.

Exotic palms cliff beach in Varkala. Kerala. India

The quiet yet happening Varkala

A perfect place to beat the heat, unwind and relax or even enjoy swimming.  One of the best dramatic sunsets is seen here. Plenty of beach shacks where you can unwind with a drink in your hand, watching the sun go down into oblivion…… read more

Om beach Gokarna karnataka India

The Pleasures of Being at Mystical Gokarna

Gokarna is a holy town, small and remote and has four pristine and very secluded beaches. In equal measure one would find the party animal and the holy tourist flocking around this place….read more

Tropical beach of Palolem, Goa state, India

The Beauty of Palolem

With thickets enclosing every part of the Palolem beach, the coconut palms make this beach one of the best in India. The beach is long, semi-circle in shape and very shady, thanks to the row of palm trees….read more

Baga Beach located in India, district Goa

The Beautiful Baga beach

If you are in North Goa, don’t miss the opportunity to be at Baga Beach. The beach always has activity and action happening on its sandy coasts. Right from fine dining options to thrilling water sports such as snorkeling, and a nightlife that beats till early next morning, Baga is surely a paradise to be at…read more

Backwaters of Marari, Kerala, India

The Silent Yet Well Known Marari

On the fringes of Kerala in close quarters to Alleppey, for those of you who would like the stillness of backwaters, Marari is the place to be. It is still being developed and isn’t as crowded as other beaches are, hence a reason why tourists flock to this sleepy beach, which is actually a fisherman’s society…read more

With the five best beaches thrown to you by Thrillophilia – Adventure Tours India this summer, where do you plan to go and visit, do let us know!!


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