Hawaii’s Hapuna Beach-Breathtakinly Beautiful

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Although the Big Island is more than twice the size of all the other major islands put together, it is dead last when comes to an abundance of large white sand beaches.  However, the few it does have are some of the best in the islands.

Hapuna Beach, HawaiiMost of these beaches can be found along the sunny Kohala Coast where native grasses grow in cracks and crevices of black and dark brown  a’a and pahoephoe lava, where,  dark expanses of lava contrast with the cerulean ocean, foamy white crashing surf and the wide expanses of pale golden sand. On clear days, Haleakala can be seen just beyond the unpredictable Alenuihaha Channel that separates Maui from the Big Island.

Hapuna is a beach that is breathtakingly beautiful. The half-mile stretch of sand is nestled between two lava bluffs where the ever-changing shoreline widens during the summer months and where powerful winter surf erodes the beach to a narrow stretch. Summer or winter Hapuna is always pristine.
Midway between the two lava bluffs is another lava rock feature that divides the beach in half. This rocky outcropping is named Ihumoku which translates into Hawaiian as the ship's bow. These lava rocks mark the official boundary of the Hapuna State Recreation Area. The state park is well appointed with camping shelters that can be permitted for up to four persons. The area also has paved parking lots, picnic pavilions, restrooms, showers, and paved walkways to the beach.

A visit to Hapuna on any weekend and especially holiday weekend will find the park awash with islanders who come from all over the island to enjoy the surf and sand. Locals also find fun in jumping off shoreline cliffs and fishing from the lava outcroppings. Since Hapuna is one of the sunniest shorelines, it attracts many island visitors who seek the sun, snorkeling and more.

Hapuna Beach State Park, HawaiiHowever the beautiful it is, Hapuna is not without danger. Summer is the time when Hapuna is inviting, peaceful and hospitable. Gentle waves and a soft sandy bottom make everything from swimming to scuba-diving irresistible. The beach also gives up a small shallow calm protected cove at the northern end that is perfect for children to enjoy.

Between October and April the mood at Hapuna is drastically different. Rough ocean conditions, pounding surf breaks and strong rip tides make it a spot where entering the water is only for the experienced. Inexperienced body surfers who brave the powerful waves risk neck injuries and even death.

However, regardless of what time of the year, Hapuna is always staffed with lifeguards that are highly trained and knowledgeable on conditons, rescue and more. Lifeguards should be consulted regarding ocean conditions before entering unfamiliar areas.

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