Curacao Netherland Antilles

Waterfront Willemstad, Curacao Netherlands Antilles

Curacao just a short 40 miles north of Venezuela is geographically part of South America yet in terms of conversation is considered as part of the Caribbean. Making up one of 5 islands in the Netherlands Antilles, Curacao is by far the largest of the group. Situated just off the South American northern coastline, Curacao is flanked by sister island Aruba 42 miles to the west and sister island Bonaire 30 miles to the east.  Curacao is not only the largest of the so called ABC islands, (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) but is also the most populous of the 5 islands of the Netherlands Antilles. With an island population of almost 150,000 people, Curacao's capital city of Willemstad is also home to the Netherlands Antilles government.
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