Experience a Shrimp Cruise on the Georgia Coast

Guest Post By: Linda Hale

If you ever find yourself traveling down the Georgia coast, be sure to make your way to the city of Brunswick. Behind a small restaurant, sitting in the marshy waters of St. Simon’s Sound, you will find the “Lady Jane”.  She is an authentic shrimp trawler, retired from the shrimping industry, and now U. S. Coast Guard approved to take would be shrimpers on a great adventure.

Stingray Lady Jane, St. Simon, GeorgiaThe captain of the “Lady Jane” had the unique idea to refurbish his old ship into a working party boat. He and his Coast Guard certified crew now take passengers out into St. Simon’s Sound to experience a real shrimp boat at work.

Sea gulls Lady Jane, St. Simon, GeorgiaMy husband, granddaughter, and I have gone on this excursion twice, and have had the time of our lives. I love it just for the two hour boat ride, watching the dolphins that inevitably pop up around the trawler, and the bird watching. The sea gulls and pelicans swarm around the ship in unimaginable numbers, fighting and arguing for the anticipated catch. My granddaughter loves it, as all the children do, for the great things the trawler pulls out of the sea.

Catch Lady Jane, St. Simon, GeorgiaThe boat drops its nets into the water three times during the cruise, and then dumps the contents of the net onto a large table for all to gather around and inspect. There is a marine biologist on board who will pick through the catch, and explain what all those creatures from the depths really are. What my granddaughter loves is the touching and holding that is allowed after he has disposed of anything dangerous. In addition to shrimp, the catches include all kinds of fish, crabs, sting rays, butter rays, and maybe small sharks. This is truly a great experience for the kids, and some great pictures can be taken.

Shrimp meal Lady Jane, St. Simon, GeorgiaMy husband’s favorite part is the shrimp feast that the crew prepares right on board. Throughout the cruise, you are treated to unlimited boiled shrimp that were caught right in St. Simon’s Sound.

The cruises usually leave the dock at 4:00 in the afternoon, and return around 6:00. You will have just experienced fun, the wind in your face, sea gulls crying for their supper, dolphins, a great meal, and then it’s all topped off with the sun setting as you return. Really, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Pelican, Lady Jane, St. Simon, Georgia (2)You will need to make reservations for your trip, although you don’t pay until you get there, and you will need to check the dates for public excursions. The “Lady Jane” also does cruises for private parties, so you have of option of going as a big group. And they are Coast Guard approved to go up to 20 miles offshore, although they don’t go that far out for the public trips.

There are many treats and opportunities for travelers among Georgia’s Golden Isles, and I have experienced quite a few of them. But the “Lady Jane” has to be one of my favorites. It is definitely a treat you don’t want to miss!

You can visit their website for more information at www.shrimpcruise.com.

Guest Post By: Linda Hale



  1. Jane Sibler says:

    Loved this guest post!  It really describes the shrimp boat experience and makes you want to book this excursion!  Well written and interesting!

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