Endless Pacific Bliss–Summertime Activities on Maui

It's the cool breeze coming in off of the waves as you approach the Pacific; the sounds of the birds as you make your way through the forest past the tumble of a secluded waterfall–these are the joys of a Maui summer. Whether you're coming from another hospitable climate or turning to the island shores to seek refuge from the cold, taking advantage of every waking minute is essential. With such a myriad of activities available to you, time is at a premium. While packing your itinerary will be the least of your worries, you'll want to escape the crowds, partake in some delicious authentic cuisine, and exercise your adventurous side–all before escaping back to the comforts of your resort. With efficiency and variety in mind, here are a few suggestions to make the most of your summer vacation on Maui's shores.Kaanapali beach Maui, Hawaii By InternetAge Traveler

Never Hit the Same Beach Twice

You've seen them on desktop backgrounds and dream sequences in films–they're the golden sands that continue to entice travelers from all over the world to Maui. You'll undoubtedly spend large chunks of your time soaking in the rays, but a daily change of scenery will open your eyes to the many different landscapes that make up the island's coast. Begin your day at Wailea Beach, just down the road from the Hotel Wailea and other summertime hot spots before escaping up the coast to Napili. Round the horn of the island to discover another wealth of possibilities.Wherever you wind up, you surely won’t be disappointed.

Maui Brewing Company By davemurfRefresh at Maui Brewing Company

If you're parched after a long day out, there’s no better place to refresh yourself than the legendary Maui Brewing Company. Not only do they champion a well-decorated beer list–they can cook a mean meal! Depending on your mood or the weather outside, pick one of their many brews that take full advantage of local tastes and flavors. If you're unable to choose, take the brew tour and end up with a sampler back in the brew pub, where you'll be able to whet your palate with a host of different ales and lagers.

Iao Valley, Maui, Hawaii By InternetAge TravelerHike To Your Heart's Content

It will almost certainly be hot if you're visiting during the summer. Swimming in the waves may feel like you're only respite from the heat,but the views of Maui are not to be ignored.Should you want to marvel in the vast stretches of luscious green landscapes and miles of ocean in every direction, gathering your group and going for a hike is the perfect way to steal your breath. Kualoa Point, which hugs the southern side of the island, will introduce you to some of the island's most remarkable lookouts, and isn’t nearly as strenuous as it looks.


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