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Blue Heron and Florida AligatorsThere are plenty of amazing places to visit in the United States, right across from the West Coast and California, to the Big Apple and New York City on the eastern side of the country. But there is nowhere that quite captures the imagination of the UK's holidaymaking public quite like Florida. Jutting out into the Gulf of Mexico, the pan-handle state has a huge range of attractions to interest visitors and if you're looking for somewhere truly amazing to holiday Florida should be high on your list of contenders.

The Sunshine State has a reputation as being perhaps the very best place in the world to spend time with a young family. And with outstanding attractions like the Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, to name just a few, it isn't difficult to understand why. Florida KeysHowever, it is worth noting that there are plenty of tourist attractions across the state targeted at adults and elderly visitors. So from golf courses and nightclubs, to pleasant strolls and views across the Everglades, the bar is always set very high indeed when you're enjoying a holiday in Florida.

Miami FloridaThere are a god variety of tourist hotspots around Europe that many thousands of British families visit each year but if you feel an American adventure is what you're really after this year then a trip to Florida could be just the ticket. There are dozens and even hundreds of really high value Florida package holidays available at reasonable prices online at any given time. And you can even line up additional discounts simply by using the internet to book Thomas Cook holidays.  A little research can go along way as you seek out a bargain but there's every reason to expect you'll find the ideal holiday deal for you and your party, wherever you have in mind this year.


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