Capri – Amalfi Coast Island Destination

Guest Post By: Margie Miklas

The small island of Capri is a must-see destination if you are traveling to the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  Some of the most expensive real estate in Italy, Capri has long been known as the luxury vacation destination for the rich and famous, because of its sheer natural beauty, shopping and tranquility.

Marina Piccolo on Capri, ItalyI have been fortunate enough to take a day trip to Capri on two different occasions, and to say that it did not disappoint is an understatement. Capri is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Its location on Italy's Amalfi Coast makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy,  attracting over two million visitors in 2011 Capri has become a popular stop for travelers on Med Cruises.

Most people hear about the Blue Grotto and want to make sure they see it, and truly it is one of the most amazing things to see on Capri. The island of Capri consists of two towns, Capri and Anacapri, both of which offer something for everyone. Here are a few of the other top attractions on the island.

Faraglioni rocks at Capri, ItalyBoat tour around Capri

This is one of the best ways to truly enjoy the natural beauty of the island and the surrounding Faraglioni giant rocks that seem to emerge out of the ocean from nowhere. In addition to the Blue Grotto, you will pass the Green Grotto, the White Grotto, and the Red Grotto and be able to enjoy Capri away from the tourist crowds ashore. These excursions can be booked from Marina Grande, the main port of Capri.

View from Anacapri Capri, ItalyTaxi tour on Capri

For 20 euros I had a wonderful tour of Capri and experienced a drive along the Mamma Mia road to the higher town of Anacapri. These taxi drivers and tour guides live in Capri and know the island well. I visited places that I would not have known on my own to see so I highly recommend this option. There was plenty of free time built in to shop and browse at my leisure.

Monte Solaro

Do not miss the opportunity to ride the chairlift to Monte Solaro for ten euros roundtrip. The station is easily located in Anacapri near the center of town and this was definitely the highlight of my visit to Capri. The panorama views from the highest point on Capri are unmatched in beauty and the sense of tranquility from that vantage point was wonderful.

Church of San Michele in Anacapri

This early 18th century church is one of the best examples of Neapolitan architecture and the floor of majolica tiles is truly a work of art. There is a nominal entrance fee which is totally worth it and a must-see when in Anacapri.

Blue Grotto, Capri, ItalyBlue Grotto

This is definitely the most famous and also the most touristy places on the island. This cave entered by small rowboat appears blue in color as the light refracts on the water. Entrance to the Blue Grotto is always iffy depending on weather so it is a good idea to have a back-up plan.

Marina Piccolo

This is the other port on Capri, on the opposite side of the island from Marina Grande. The smaller ferries from towns on the Amalfi Coast arrive here and the green color of the water along with a small rocky beach is like a postcard. This small fishing community has restaurants and bars and a lovely outdoor terrace for the perfect glass of wine.

Guest Post By: Margie Miklas

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