Beaches of Malaga,Spain

 Malaga is a beach town on the Andalusia coast of Spain. It is the fifth largest city in Spain and is a popular tourist destination due to its prime location in the Mediterranean. Malaga has a comfortable subtropical climate, which is perfect for lounging and relaxing on the beach. There are several beaches to choose from in Malaga.

Playa Palo  Malaga, SpainPlaya Palo is a popular beach that is located to a marina called El Candado. It is perfect for travelers that enjoy sailing, fishing and diving. It is also popular for its amenities, which includes parking lots, beach bars, restaurants, life guards and a promenade. The sand here is soft, pristine and ta.

Playa Huellin is a local beach that is often overlooked by tourists. Here you will find a more relaxing and authentic beach experience. It is located near the Banderas promenade, which is named after the popular Spanish actor Anotonio Banderas. It has a laid-back atmosphere with several common beach amenities. This beach is perfect for those who enjoy less crowded beaches.

Playa Las Acacias is a popular beach that is often crowded with tourists and locals. This beach stretches a mile long that is divided by several comfortable coves. It is popular among the younger crowd because of its lively promenade. This beach has very fine sand and a variety of amenties.

If you are looking for a more tempting beach, consider Playa Almayate Bajamar. It is a nudist beach that stretches three miles long. Although it is a nudist beach, it has a laid-back atmosphere and is often far from being crowded. A new promenade is in the works, which may give the beach a tourist vibe and attract more international travelers.

Playa de la Malagueta is a pristine beach with beautiful black sand. It stretches one mile and is located near the Paseo Pablo Picasso, a busy town center that has shopping, restaurants and bars. It is accessible by bus and includes several life guards on duty. Although this beach is most popular among locals, tourists are finding out about this gem and visit more often, especially during the summer time.

Comfortable weather and plenty of sun has made Malaga a featured destination for many Europeans, with many cheap flights to Malaga it is no wonder that many travelers have made this a popular resort town on the Mediterranean.



  1. Beautiful photo! It would make anyone want to hop on a plane and lay on the beach in Spain!

  2. These beaches look simply gorgeous.  I could see myself planning my next vacation here :)

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