Beautiful Beaches of South Goa, India

Goa is India's smallest state, but it's one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. This coastal state is recognized for its biodiversity, history, culture and architecture. The area's spectacular beaches along the Arabian Sea are what attract domestic and international tourists to this popular region on India's western shore. With numerous cheap holidays to Goa available, travelers will be looking for that favorite place under the sun.  Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures has put this list of a few of the most famous beaches in south Goa India.


Benaulim BeachBenaulim Beach South Goa India Photo by racoles With its expansive ocean frontage, there is plenty of room on Benaulim beach to find a secluded spot to relax while immersing yourself in the local culture. This beautiful beach is dotted with colorful fishing boats and lifeguard vehicles. It's less crowded than neighboring beaches, and there's always enough space to stretch out on the sand. The area near Benaulim beach is known for its fine cultural handicrafts and traditional rosewood furniture. Visitors to this lovely beach are frequently treated to views of dolphin pods that swim near the shore.
Palolem BeachOld wooden boats on the beach in Palolem, Goa, India Measuring roughly two kilometers long, Palolem beach is situated along an arching cove that is frequented by fisherman and vacationers. Dramatic palm trees, verdant headlands and turquoise waters converge in this magnificent location. It's located roughly 40 kilometers from the town of Margao, but buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws and trains connect the two destinations. This beautiful semicircular beach is already popular with backpackers and is gaining popularity with each passing season. The northern areas of the beach feature calm shallows while bars and restaurants are located in the southern area. Palolem beach is a wonderful place to relax under coco huts while spotting dolphins and enjoying seafood snacks.
Agonda BeachAgonda Beach, South Goa India Photo by Kate and Tim Located along a rounded cove similar to Palolem, Agonda beach features a wide band of soft yellow sand measuring approximately three kilometers long. This secluded beach lacks the hoards of tourists, souvenir vendors and restaurants found in other areas, which makes this pristine beach even better. If you're lucky, you might even encounter water buffalo herds that are fond of this area. Stay in an elevated hut or a beachfront cottage to get in touch with nature at this beautiful spot.
Cavelossim BeachCavelossim Beach, South Goa India Photo by JoSeFiNa

As luxury hotels establish resorts, Cavelossim has quickly gained popularity, but the beach hasn't lost its charm. This celebrated beach is located on a peninsula between the Arabian Sea and the Sal River. Its white sands, sparkling clear waters and lava rock backdrop make it one of the country's most beautiful beaches. Seashell hunting, kayaking and snorkeling are popular activities along the 3.5-kilometer Cavelossim beach. It's also a great place to see schools of dolphins passing through the area.

Mobor BeachMobar Beach, South Goa India This phenomenal yellow sand beach is situated along a narrow peninsula of dunes that are tucked between the Arabian Sea and the Sal River estuary. This outstanding beach covers a 10-kilometer area and features a variety of sheltered coves and isolated hideaways that are perfect for soaking in the sun. Visitors to this magnificent beach frequently see schools of majestic dolphins. Goa's 100-kilometer coast is lined with world-class beaches, which make it one of the top destinations for committed beachgoers.





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