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Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain is definitely one of the most popular cities to visit. Known for its fascinating history, Madrid boasts over 45 museums–many of them art museums–but all promise cultural experiences that should not be overlooked. When staying in a city for a extended period of time whether it be a hotel or an Apartment in Madrid, one gets to take in the city at a slower pace. One gets to enjoy all the city has to offer, from fine dining, the architecture to the history of the city and quite often this can be brought together in the many museums Madrid has to offer.

Madrid Museo del Prado with Velazquez statue, Madrid, SpainThe Golden Triangle of Art is made up of three museums including the Museo del Prado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. Each one of these museums has its own appeal. The most famous art museum by far is the Prado. This museum, which opened almost 200 years ago is housed in an 18th century building and contains works by European masters such as Raphael, Velazquez, Rubens, Bosch, Goya and many more. With over 4,800 paintings by Spanish artists and large collections by the Italian and Flemish, and over 900 works of sculpture, it is easy to see why this museum is known the world over.

For contemporary art the Reina Sofia is the perfect choice. This museum, which is housed in an 18th century hospital, offers four floors of both permanent and temporary exhibits, with collections by Picasso, Miro, Dali Salano and other famous artists. A complement to the Prado and the Reina Sofia, the Thyssen-Bornemisza offers an important private art collection with everything from ancient to modern pop art.

The Museo de America exhibits archeological findings, textiles and clothing from North, South, and Central America. This impressive museum's 25,000 artifacts exhibit the myths, beliefs and ways of life of different societies, and languages of indigenous cultures. The most fascinating exhibits are the Aztec Tudela Codex from the 1500's, and a Paracas mummy from the first century BC.

For a trip back in time to Spain's golden age, the former home of the "Shakespeare of Spanish literature", now the Lope de Vega Museum, is a delightful experience. A two-story brick house, this museum offers rooms with furniture from the 17th century and a beautiful garden with fruit trees that were described in Lope de Vega's journal.

With 24 rooms of artifacts reflecting the history of the Spanish Navy, El Museo Naval is one of the most significant naval museums the world over. The rooms go in chronological order with exhibits from the 15th century to the cutting-edge technology of today. One of the most interesting exhibits is the Peral Submarine, invented in 1884, which many call the first U-boat.

There are a number of other important museums in Madrid such as the Archaeological Museum, the Caixa Forum, the Goya Museum and many more. For those who are planning a trip to Spain, visits to any of these museums offer rare experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

 Head back to your apartment in Madrid, take your time and soak up the city, enjoy a bottle of wine at your new favorite restaurant and plan your next visit to one of the many museums throughout Madrid.


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