Traveling To Beja From Lisbon, Portugal

Church in Beja, PortugalMany of the international travelers who visit Portugal head first to the well known city of Lisbon. This is where many tourists arrive by both plane and train to begin their journey in the wonderful country. It also serves as the ideal starting point for day trips around the area. Once settled into your Lisbon apartments, one of the most popular destinations for a quick trip from Lisbon is Beja. Beja is a beautiful town with a rich history and breathtaking scenery. Let this serve as your guide for getting to Beja and enjoying all that the area has to offer.

Getting to Beja: This beautiful town has plenty of transportation options, including buses and trains. The Beja Train Station generally has at least one high speed train heading to and from Lisbon each day, taking just under 2 hours each way. The train ride is relaxing and involves a handful of stops in the countryside. Enjoy refreshing drinks and tasty meals while onboard. By car, drivers can stay on the A2 highway for the entire way and arrive in 2 hours from Lisbon, making it the perfect day trip.

Historical Landmarks in Beja: This Portuguese city is believed to be one of the most historical destinations in the entire country. Full of Roman ruins, visitors can easily pass the time by strolling through the fascinating buildings and castles throughout the area. The top landmarks worth a visit include the famed Roman Arch of Beja, the Moorish Castle, the Queen Leonor Museum and the 12th century Saint Andre Church.

Attractions in Beja: The popular Arms Square is considered to be the cultural center of Beja. During certain times of the year, popular bullfights are held there. Surrounding shops cater to locals and visitors alike, and the area is the perfect place to get a glimpse of everyday life in Portugal. Other major attractions include the Casa da Cultura and the large Botanical Gardens and Museum.

Roman ruins near Beja, PortugalDining in Beja: As you might expect from a traditional Portuguese town, the food is hearty and authentic in most of the area restaurants. One of the most popular dining establishments in Beja is Entra Arcos, which features small plates similar to Spanish tapas. Also wonderful is Arbitro, which serves a typical dish from the area, Sopa de Cação. This dogfish soup is made from regional ingredients and is the pride of the area of Beja. Staff are attentive and friendly to guests as well.

When staying in one of the many hotes or apartments in Lisbon, travelers will have many choices for day trips outside of the city. Think about traveling to Beja on your next stay in Lisbon, Portugal


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