Bella Roma

Imagine a city overflowing with exquisite art, legendary architecture, savory meals and endless possibilities. Think of a city where a overwhelming sense of wanderlust can be satisfied. A spot where sight-seeing, historical enlightenment and delicious wining and dining can all be done without spending an excessive amount of time going from place to place when one stays in one of the many apartments in Rome that are available. Luckily, one isn't limited to mere imagination. Italy's own capital of Rome exceeds these ideal expectations.

When picturing the fantasy-like city, one generally concocts images of Ancient Rome first. Dreams of towering statues, dome ceilings, and innovative sculptures are also more than likely floating around. Other prominent images may include elongated cobblestone pathways, lavish kingdoms (the Regia) protecting Rome's royalty and a surplus of wine.

The Forum in Rome, ItalyThe Roman Forum is one of the most famous and desirable places to visit in the entire city, attracting millions of visitors from all across the world each year. It features incredible outdoor engineering and possibly most famously, the Temple of Caesar (or as it is fondly referred to by locals, "Ara di Cesare"). Near this spot is supposedly where the notorious ruler, Julius Caesar was assassinated. The Roman Forum requires consistent maintenance to uphold its current image. In spite of several restorations, when approaching the Roman Forum, one is instantly confronted with a powerful emotion of the past. One can clearly picture the eventful occurrences that took place so long ago. One is surrounded by mental visuals of political up-rise, criminal trials, rebellion, glorified violence among gladiators and acts of ultimate bravery.

Colosseum, Rome, ItalyThe Colosseum, slightly east of the Roman Forum, is another top contender for optimal Roman landmarks. Similarly to the Roman Forums, the Colosseum has endured tremendous events and therefore also needs constant restoration and upkeep. Unlike the constant violent events that happened at the Roman Forum, the Colosseum was only occasionally used to host gladiator duels but primarily geared towards theatrical interpretations and entertainment. This is a place noted for spirituality, as several plays where based off of ancient mythological tales.

After a busy day of soaking up knowledge, before returning to ones Rome apartments, one will undoubtedly build up an appetite and seek to end the day at a lovely restaurant. Thankfully, there are numerous eateries near the ancient battlegrounds. Located right in the center of Rome is a highly popular dining establishment showcasing traditional Italian food, La Teverna dei Fori Imperiali. Here one can eat without feeling completely cleansed of Ancient Rome.



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