A Day Trip To San Dona di Piave, Italy

When in Venice, taking the time to get out of the bustle of tourism and head out into some of the lesser visited yet nearby cities adds excitement and interest to your vacation. A day trip to San Dona di Piave, Italy is well worth your time, as the city offers places of historical interest as well as an annual celebration of the founding of the Friendship Pact every year on August 7. Situated on the coast, San Dona di Piave, Italy offers visitors much to enjoy on even a short excursion.


San Dona di Piave, Italy is located just 40 km northeast of Venice, on the banks of the Piave River and shores of the Mediterranean Sea, about a one hour drive from the center of Venice. The ideal location of San Dona di Piave, Italy makes for a mild climate, with average highs above freezing even in the coldest month of December, and summer temperatures into the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit. Visitors will enjoy stepping out of the travel coaches or cars and walking through the historical and cultural centers of the city.

San Dona di Piave, ItalyAmong the must see places in San Dona di Piave, the Duomo of Blessed Virgin Mary is a draw for Catholic visitors and those who enjoy the beauty and art of Christianity. The Church of Saint Charles in Chiesanuova is another must-see stop for visitors to get a feel for the city's rich Catholic history. Enjoy a picnic lunch of local wine and cheese at the Villa Ancillotto and its ornamental historical park during the warmer months of the year.

In addition to the historical churches and parks, San Dona di Piave also offers three museums of significance. Museo della Bonifica, or the Land Reclamation Museum, presents the ancient history of the area as well as contemporary history through World Wars I and II and the environmental changes related to the flooding of the Piave River. Students and appreciators of art will enjoy a stop at the Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, or the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of the city. Finally, make time for a walk through the Parco della Scultura in Architettura, or Park of Sculpture in Architecture, which is an open air museum open year round for visitors.



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