A Day Trip to Burgos, Spain

 Although initially inhabited over 800,000 years ago, the city of Burgos was officially founded in 884 to serve as an outpost on the Christian-Moorish frontier. Burgos then rose to prominence as the capital of Castile. The city is the venue where the laws governing Spain’s treatment of Native Americans, the Leyes de Burgos, where first publicized in 1512. Burgos played a significant role in the conquest of Seville, the Peninsula War with Napoleon and as an operational base for Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War. Because of its many medieval landmarks, numerous parks and unique museums, this historic Spanish city makes a wonderful day trip from Madrid.

Cathedral Burgos,SpainVisitors who travel the 250-kilometers from Madrid to Burgos will be greeted by the medieval entrance to the city, the Arco de Santa Maria. The town center has medieval architecture and a statue honoring El Cid. You’ll be amazed by the ornate façade, balustrade turrets and statuary of the Gothic Burgos Cathedral. The church, built in 1221, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Guests can visit the monasteries of the Royal Retreats and the Miraflores Charterhouse. You will awestruck by the detail and design of the Retreats, the intricate woodwork and marble mausoleum of King John II and the alabaster angles of the Charterhouse. Tourists can stroll along the beautiful tree-lined Paseo del Espolón which is located on the banks of the Arlanzón River. Here you’ll find an endearing mix of shops, restaurants and cafes. If you are looking for an inner city retreat, you can visit Fuentes Blancas. This large city park offers numerous walking and biking trails, camping and many other outdoor recreational activities. You can explore one of the city’s ten museums, including the Museum of the Book, The Museum of Human Evolution and the Museum of Burgos that preserves and displays the history of the city.

You must sample the wonderful local cuisine made famous because of its Queso de Burgos white cheese, Jamon Serrano cured ham and the Morcilla de Burgos pig blood’s sausage. Guests can also enjoy one of the many festivals that are held throughout the year. The city’s inland location and elevation create a continental Mediterranean climate of warm summers and cool snowy winters.

If you are spending time in Madrid, the three hour trip to experience the historical, architectural and cultural opportunities of Burgos is well worth the journey.



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