Travel from Madrid for a Day of Sightseeing in Segovia, Spain

Visitors lucky to have an extended stay in Spain’s capital city of Madrid will eventually ask “what is worth seeing outside of the city limits?” If you are one of the fortunate ones to have rented one of the many Madrid apartments available throughout the city you are offered many choices on day trips from Madrid. One such choice might be Segovia, Spain.

Alcazar Castle, Segovia, SpainSegovia is a well-known historical city just north of Madrid, Spain. There are three main ways to travel to Segovia from Madrid to enjoy a day of sightseeing in Segovia, Spain. The quickest way is using the AVE high speed train which takes about a half an hour. Another way is taking a train from the Chamartin train station. It takes approximately two hours by train. The last way is by bus. On average, it takes between an hour and an hour and a half to make the journey by bus.

Segovia has many extraordinary historical sites to explore.
The Aqueduct of Segovia is the most popular monument in the city. It is over 2,000 years old, and is still in excellent condition. The aqueduct is located in the Plaza del Azoguejo. While in the plaza, enjoy a taste of roasted suckling pig.

The Calle Real is a pathway between the Plaza of Azoguejo and the Plaza Mayor. There are many fascinating historical monuments to visit along the path. Some of the monuments include: the Palace of del Rio, the Palace of Torreagero, the home of the Picos, the Palace of Conde de Alpuente, and the Juan Bravo Plaza. Once in the Plaza Mayor, visitors can see the stunning masterpiece known as the “Lady of Cathedrals”, the Segovia Cathedral. It is a Basque-Castilean Gothic, and the last one built in Spain.

The Alcazar Castle is located near the Segovia Cathedral. It is an exquisite, royal palace built on top of the rock between the Eresma and the Clamores Rivers. The Alcazar Castle has two towers and two lovely courtyards.

The medieval palace of Henry IV is the home of the Museo de Arte Contempraneo Esteban Vicente. The museum has a large collection of masterpieces on display. In addition, visitors can see the carved Hispano- Moorish wooden ceiling of the Renaissance chapel, and the beautiful garden located along the palace.

After a day of exploring Segovia, you most likely will want to grab something to eat before you head back to your apartments in Madrid. Visitors will find many fine choices when it comes to meal time.

The Meson de Candido is located in the Plaza del Azoguejo. The restaurant offers both Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. A couple of its famous dishes include roasted baby lamb and roasted suckling pig.

The Casa Duque is located along Calle Cervantes 12. The restaurant has a large variety of foods to offer. Some of the delicious dishes it offers include roasted lamb, roasted suckling pig, cream of crabmeat soup, and grilled lamb, chicken, pork and beef plates.

The Jose Maria is an elegant restaurant offering a wide variety of foods including roasted lamb and suckling pig as well as some delicious desserts. It is located in the Plaza Mayor.

The Limon y Menta can be found near the Plaza Mayor. It offers mouth-watering desserts.

By train or bus, Segovia makes for a great and easy day trip from Madrid.


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