Cinque Terre, A Day Trip From Florence Italy

The Cinque Terre region on the Ligurian coast of Italy is one of the places to visit on a day trip from Florence. This group of five villages is approximately 165 kilometers (103 miles) northwest of Florence. Visitors can reach the Cinque Terre from Florence by driving or taking a train. The roads in the Cinque Terre are very narrow and winding. Travelers may prefer to take a train to the town of La Spezia. This trip takes approximately two and a half hours. A train trip from La Spezia to Riomaggiore takes a few minutes. The Cinque Terre villages are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare.

Manarola Village, Cinque Terre, ItalyEvery village in the Cinque Terre has its own train station. Travelers can purchase Cinque Terre cards at every station. These cards can be used to ride the train between the villages all day and will give visitors access to the walking trails between the villages.

Visitors can climb a road from the Riomaggiore train station to reach the Castle of Riomaggiore from the 13th century. Travelers can dive and sail in the water near Riomaggiore. The terrace at A Pie de Ma restaurant here overlooks the sea. Guests can order salted anchovies, fish carpaccio and other dishes made from local seafood. Local wine is served with the food.

The path to from Riomaggiore to Manarola, the Via dell’Amore, runs along hills above the sea. This path is two kilometers long. Travelers can also take the train from Riomaggiore to Manarola.

Colorful houses perch on hills above the sea in Manarola. The town is surrounded by grapevines. There are hiking trails in the hills above Manarola. The church of San Lorenzo in the piazza was built in the 14th century. The church’s bell tower dates back to the 12th century and was originally a watchtower. Local seafood dishes served at Il Porticciolo in Manarola include stuffed squid, anchovies flavored with lemon, stuffed mussels and grilled swordfish.

The village of Corniglia is on a hill above the water. Visitors can climb a staircase with 400 steps from the beach or take a shuttle bus to reach the village. The village is surrounded on three sides by vineyards and terraces. Visitors can sit in the quiet town square and soak up the sun. Customers at the Osteria a Cantina de Mananan can order roast rabbit and anchovies stuffed with herbs. This little restaurant is in the stone cellar of an old house.

Travelers can take a 90-minute hike or a four-minute train ride from Corniglia to Vernazza. Parts of Vernazza were built during medieval times. The lookout tower was built in the 11th century. Seafood risotto is served at the Belforte restaurant here.

Visitors who walk from Vernazza to Monterosso al Mare will pass quiet coves and waterfalls. Historic buildings in Monterosso al Mare include the church of San Giovanni Battista from 1220. The Ristorante Belvedere here has tables by the water. Stuffed mussels and octopus salad are two of the menu items.


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