Behold the Beauty of Cape Town

This beautiful African metropolis is brimming with vibrant culture, steeped in historical significance, and a home to thriving wildlife. There is always an adventure to be had while traveling in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa. Known as the “Mother City” of South Africa, Cape Town is perched on the coastline and enjoys the status as one of the world’s most iconic cities. It is certainly a town worth visiting to marvel at the natural beauty of Africa’s southern coast.Cape Town South Africa

The Castle of Good Hope, locally referred to simply as The Castle, is South Africa’s oldest surviving building. Built between 1666 and 1679, The Castle is home to impressive art and military paraphernalia collections including the William Fehr Collection. This includes an old Cape Dutch furniture exhibit that is quite interesting.

Situated at the back of Table Mountain, the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens offer endless displays of beautiful South African flora. The plants and flowers of the Cape, exhibited in the gardens, are hugely diverse and incredible spectacular to behold. The plants housed at Kirstenbosch include rare succulents, a giant baobab tree, and fascinating examples of medicinal plants native to the Cape.

It is impossible to journey to Cape Town without recognizing the historical significance of the city. This can best be appreciated during a visit to Robben Island where political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela, served time. Some of the tour guides were at one time prisoners, so they can offer unique insight into the events that took place in the prison.

Table Mountain and Cape Town South AfricaTable Mountain presides over the city of Cape Town and offers spectacular views to those who venture to its peak. Adventure seekers can hike to the top of the mountain, while those who do not want to spend a day climbing a mountain can hop onto a cable car that will bring passengers straight to the top. The Table Mountain vistas are not to be missed.

Cape Town’s stunning beauty is not only enjoyed from the top of a mountain, but can also be experienced in the ocean and among the wildlife. There are two National Parks in the city, Koeberg Nuclear Power Station and Nature Reserve as well as Table Mountain National Park. Both offer stunning landscapes and chances to glimpse the local fauna. Divers, swimmers, and sailors will enjoy spending their time in the beautiful Cape Hope water. The sandy beaches and turquoise water offer the perfect setting for fun in the sand and surf.

Gourmands will enjoy learning about and tasting the region’s wine. South African wines have been gaining popularity worldwide; so spend some time on a wine tour on one of the many impressive vineyards near Cape Town.

Cape Town is not only an impressive South African city, but it has real international appeal. The architectural marvels, tasty cuisine, and fascinating wildlife all provide ample reasons to visit the Cape. There is culture to be experienced, history to learn, and adventures to be had in this seaside city dominated by a mountain and surrounded by and incredibly beautiful natural environment.

Travelers to the area will find a wide assortment of Cape Town hotels to suit any budget. International visitors will be most likely arriving into Cape Town International Airport, South Africa’s second busiest airport and locate a short 12 miles from downtown Cape Town. Looking for places to stay? click here for more information on accommodation in Cape Town.


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