Dining in Tanzania

Serangeti Safari, TanzaniaMany tourists choose Tanzania for their African holiday due to the vast availability of safari tours, national parks and dive sites. After a day on safari or a hike through the mountains, many tourists are left wondering which among the dozens of restaurants they should choose. Here is a list of popular restaurants in Tanzania to make that choice a bit easier.

Tunza Lodge

Located on Ilemela Beach, Mwanza, the Tunza Lodge is not only a popular place to stay in Tanzania, the Tunza Lodge is  the choice of eatery for locals and tourists alike. Stop by for a full meal or have a seat at The Cockpit Bar for a drink and a choice off of the a la carte menu. The scenery at Ilemela Beach can relax even the weariest of travelers!

Onsea House Arusha

Offering African, Belgian, Italian and Vegetarian cuisines, Onsea House Arusha is located on Baraa Road in Moshono Village. Options both dine-in and takeout though, if you plan on dining in, reservations are recommended. For the budget conscious, try ordering off of the set menu. Many recommend a sunset meal on the terrace for the most breathtaking local views.

Leone L’Africano

One may not expect to find an Italian restaurant in Africa but that’s exactly what you’ll find in Dodoma. Leone L’Africano offers guests the chance to enjoy a drink at the bar before heading to the garden for dinner. Owned by Italians, you should expect nothing but the best authentic Italian cuisine offered on the continent.

KilimanjaroShah Tours – Mountain Inn

Mountain Inn is Shah Tours base hotel located in close proximity to Kilimanjaro National Park. In the dining room, you can enjoy Indian cuisine from either the set or a la carte menus. Seating choices include the bar, the gardens or the lawns. No matter where you choose to enjoy your meal, you’ll leave satisfied with both the food and the atmosphere.


Open for dinner, the Diner, located on Kenyatta Road in Mwanza, offers a more casual dining experience. Offering a fairly extensive selection of Indian cuisine, as well as Chinese food, Diner is a fun place to pop into for an evening meal.

Traveling in the country is quite the experience and dining in Tanzania should be no different. Consult your tour guide(s), fellow travelers and friendly locals when deciding on your dining location. No matter where you decide to eat, be sure to try at least one traditional African dish before you return home! Click here for more information on Tanzania.



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