May, Travel Camera Giveaway from Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures

Need a new Travel Camera to capture those special moments on your next Travel Adventure?

May Giveaway

Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures

is giving away a brand new

Sony Cyber-Shot 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera


How can you enter to win the Sony Digital Camera? It’s easy

From now till May 31th, 2011 all you have to do to register is sign up for

Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures Travelogue

Once you have signed up you are officially entered to win!

One Lucky Winner will receive Sony’s Cyber-Shot 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

Rules of the Camera Giveaway are easy

Only one entry per e-mail address (multiple e-mail addresses allowed, e-mail must be valid or we will not be able to award prize.)


Well you can still enter again, all you have to do is leave a comment on how you would use your camera on your next travel adventure.

Giveaway ends on May 31th, 2011

We will randomly select the winner from all new

Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures Travelogue

sign ups during May 2011

Winner of Sony Cyber-Shot 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera will be announced by June 10th 2011

April’s Winner of Camera Giveaway






  1. Laura says:

    Would love to win this camera to take pictures of our family vacation!

  2. I’m always traveling around the world searching for delicious eateries. This camera would let me document my adventures!

  3. phagemann says:

    Thanks for the compliments on the website, maybe if you win the camera you will share your photos of London, it is such a great place to visit.


  4. Dianne says:

    how would I use my camera on my next travel adventure?? thats such an easy question! lol well my next trip is going to be to london so…i will definitly will take some photos os Big Ben and buckingham palace but i would also like to take some pictures of the Urban design, and food of London :)

    thats what i’ve do!!

    You have a very nice site! every time i read another post i love it more :)


  5. Louise says:

    hello, this summer we are going to swim in Hondagua Beach :) Along with my friends, the more fun if there are resource for good photographs.

  6. phagemann says:

    Emmy, thanks for reading Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures, I hope you win , would love to see your travel photos.

    Make sure you check back and check your e-mail to see that you one.


  7. Emmy says:

    Hey thank you so so so very very very much for this omg I have been wanting to own a camera FOREVER but I still do not own one:( If I won this I would be so grateful to have it and I would use it to document ALL of my special traveling memories for a LONG time whether to an exotic country with the family, the beach with friends, or just McDonald’s with my little brother. I would use this camera to make my exciting trips more exciting and the boring ones exciting:D!!!
    THANK YOU(:!!!

  8. Louise says:

    hi! again Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures Travelogue

    Thank you for your messages! I really like it. I hope someday
    I can go there. :) and photographing the beautiful landscape …

  9. Louise says:

    hi! Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures Travelogue

    I really like your Camera! :)

  10. Louise says:

    hello! :)

    Hopefully. On May 24 is the feast here in our town …
    I include the whole family to go, riding and fun trip to the Carnival ….

    .. And especially the photographs taken .. super fun! and love it! ♥

  11. Louise says:

    hi again! ok and thank you :) I like your website. It is worthy! :D

  12. phagemann says:

    Hey Louise, make sure you check back because you could be a winner, thanks again for checking out Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures


  13. Louise says:

    hi! Beachcomber Pete! :) Hopefully I win a camera. Because I have no camera now. And I always really love to take pictures wherever I go or stroll.

  14. phagemann says:

    A Bullock
    Thanks for coming back to Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures, I can relate, sometimes you enjoy something you have and just don’t want to give it up. But technology keeps getting better on these cameras it makes it worth the change.

    Good luck this month.


  15. A Bullock says:

    I would love to win this camera as my digital is like the caveman now, and although I love my old digital camera, the memories of holidays are too precious to waste on poor photos!!!

  16. phagemann says:

    Thanks for registering for Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures, I hope you win, would love to hear of your stories from your upcoming trip to Dominican this summer.

  17. Taylor says:

    I REALLY want to win this camera!! I am going to the Dominican this summer to work in an orphanage and I really need a small camera to document this amazing trip!!!! Thank you for this opportunity!! With the trip finances i wouldn’t be able to afford this camera!

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