Johannesburg and South African Dining Experience

South African dining is a unique experience. Visitors to any region of the country will enjoy the delicious, exotic cuisine the country has to offer. Johannesburg is one of the country’s most bustling commercial and tourism hubs, and it offers some of the area’s most outstanding culinary opportunities. Dining options in Johannesburg include traditional South African dishes to the most exquisite gourmet meals. This city is the country’s top destination for culinary tours, and with over 2,000 restaurants at last count, any visitor will be able to find a meal that satisfies.

Some of the world’s most famous chefs began their careers in Johannesburg restaurants. Delicious meals await around every corner. One of the best ways to get to know South Africa is to sample its diverse cuisine in all forms. The city’s incredibly diverse mix of international residents allows a variety of the world’s popular cuisines to be well-represented.

South African BoereworsOne of the most sought-after Johannesburg dining festivities is a traditional braai, or South African barbecue, where a local spicy sausage called Boerewors is enjoyed by all. The men of the country enjoy a dish known as Skop, which is the cleaned boiled head of a sheep, cow, or goat. This is considered a local delicacy and brave visitors always try a sample. Aside from these exotic favorites, a variety of food choices are available to suit any taste.

Johannesburg restaurants include such favorites as Linger Longer, a restaurant set in a glass herb garden conservatory, and featuring urban chic décor. Other popular dining venues in the city are The Tasting Room, Bosman’s, Cleopatra Mountain Farm House, La Madeleine, and Hartford House. These venues feature both the country’s finest chefs and finest wines. The Tasting Room offers a popular tasting menu including appetizers and wines, while the Cleopatra Mountain Farm House is set in an underground wine cellar with a wide selection of outstanding vintages, along with great food.

The city’s two Chinatown districts, Eastgate and Bruma, are the place to enjoy spectacular, authentic Asian cuisine. Orange Grove district is known for its fine selection of Italian eateries. For unbeatable fine dining and exciting nightlife, visit the Melville area. This is one of the city’s most upscale, elegant dining districts, featuring plenty of African and Asian Fusion eateries. For Middle Eastern cuisine, head toward the Greenside district. This neighborhood is fairly low-key and not as affluent as Melville but has some great shopping and sightseeing attractions nearby, with a more mature crowd throughout.

South African VineyardJohannesburg food tours are a great way to experience the great variety of South African cuisine. Tourists will enjoy a unique experience that includes cooking and eating at venues all around the city. These tours include not only South African delicacies, but delectable cuisine from throughout the entire African continent.

For some travelers, Johannesburg dining is a more attractive reason to visit the country than the country’s wildlife safaris and beaches combines. It is quite easy to make sampling exotic dishes a part of any Johannesburg vacation. The city provides endless opportunities for unforgettable culinary encounters. For more choices on Johannesburg dining look to My Destination Johannesburg.



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