Cusco, Capital of the Inca Empire

Street in front of Hotel Los Andes de AmericaWe made it to Cusco Peru, the capital of the Inca empire. As our driver took us from the airport to the hotel he was explaining  to us several of the attractions that were not to be missed while visiting Cusco, a typical looking Spanish town, the difference I noticed was the city was cleaner looking than most I have been too.

As we made our way through narrow cobblestone streets I was admiring the architecture of the buildings, very Spanish Colonial, when the driver came to a stop on one of these narrow streets and announced that we were at our hotel, I looked around, and there almost hidden was the entrance to our hotel. Now I should mentioned that before we left Lima we had looked on the Internet for Hotels in Cusco, my wife and son had picked one out, actually a Best Western, my first thought was I did not want to stay at an American Hotel chain, yet with our mishap in Lima and my wife ready to head back to the States, I figured I could suck it up and go with the flow to keep the trip going.

Lobby Courtyard Los Andes de America, Cusco PeruBoy was I surprised, The hotel might have been part of the Best Western Chain, but the hotel did not look like any that I had seen before from the chain. As we entered the Los Andes de America Hotel I was shocked to find the kind of hotel I was wanting in this colonial town. We were greeted right away by the friendly staff and asked to take a seat in the courtyard/lobby, with a smile on my face as I took in the surroundings, we were next offered cups of coco tea.

Up till the moment that we were offered the coco tea, for the altitude, I had totally forgotten about the altitude of Cusco, some 10,800 feet, not that I was expecting it to be a problem with as many times that I had flown into La Paz, Bolivia, but I think my wife had not even thought about the altitude. I think she was still occupied by the incident in Lima that she totally forgot about everything she had read about problems with the altitude in Cusco. I believe if you think about the altitude you are going to have problem, where if you Coco Tea Cusco Perudon't you will be ok. Now I am not saying go all out and exert yourself because you can or will run into problems.

Checked into the hotel, and within 15 minutes we were out the door to explore Cusco. First stop a half block from the hotel we found a sidewalk cafe overlooking Plaza Regocijo. What to eat? Well when in Rome! Ok, we are in Cusco, start out with a Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru, for eats, and being me, I chose the Alpaca with salad. My wife and son were not as adventures as me when it comes to local cuisine.

Plaza Regocijo (Happy Park) Cusco PeruI could have just sat there the rest of the day, watching the people, enjoying the park and drinking Pisco Sours, yet we had places to see and explore in Cusco.


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