Modern Day Berlin

Modern-day Berlin is a cultural Mecca known around the world for its hard-partying antics, world-class culture and high-quality beer and wine. A beautiful city with a long and interesting history, Berlin was officially founded in 1237 with the joining of merchant settlements Cölln and Berlin, which are located on opposite banks of the Spree River. Current day Berlin is built around the Spree River, which runs through the city center. Berlin is the capital of Brandenburg State as well as the national capital of Germany. The city has undergone many transformations in its long history, the most recent being the revitalization of the city following the removal of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, which for more than 28 years divided the East and West sections of the city. Berlin Germany SkylineToday, Berlin is a fully unified and cosmopolitan city and an exciting destination for travelers. Many Hotels and apartments in Berlin are available, offering visitors a delightful mix of the old and the new, as well as blending many periods of history. Many of the older sections of the city have been restored while other areas are in progress. The city is divided into six districts, each one having its own unique characteristics. Mitte – Formerly the heart of East Berlin and the true center of the city, this area features many museums, art galleries, cafes and restaurants and a lively club scene. There are also many historical points of interest to explore. The majority of popular sights are found in Mitte as are many political and media headquarters. City West – The home of the famous Tauentzienstraße, the premier shopping area of Berlin, along with numerous historical landmarks and upscale hotels. The four boroughs of City West are Wilmersdorf, Tiergarten, Schöneberg and Charlottenburg. East Central – A haven for local artists and student activists, East Central features many clubs, bars and cafes along with trendy shops that cater to the unique local clientele. There is a handful of museums in the area near the Mitte district as well. The boroughs of East Central are Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg. North – Within the North district are the towns of Pankow, Weißensee, Wedding, Reinickendorf and Spandau, beautiful towns that were once working class but are now primarily residential. Scattered throughout the district are large industrial complexes. The company Siemens was founded there, with a section of Reinickendorf being called Siemensstadt. Charlottenburg, Berlin GermanyEast – Comprised of Lichtenberg, Marzahn-Hellersdoft and Hohenschönhausen, the East district is home to the Tierpark Zoo as well as many sights related to World War II era Germany, including the former Stasi prison that features a museum and relics from the era. The district is predominantly working class with a few areas of middle class residences. South – The boroughs of South Berlin are a mixture of wealth, poverty, and the quaint old town charm of Köpenick, with its forested countryside and its castle. It is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon biking or taking a stroll. The other boroughs are Neukölln, which is primarily a working class area, Tempelhof which is an industrial area and Steglitz-Zehlendorf, a wealthy area of the city and home to Berlin's largest university.

Modern day Berlin is a must see stop on any European vacation, with an assortment of Berlin apartments available, travelers have numerous options for accommodations in the city and surrounding areas of Germany.


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