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Dubai is an amazing city of relatively young origins. There is mention in some documents of Dubai as early as 1095 but the first known settlement of the city was in 1799. The Al Abu Falasa clan of Bani Yas formally established Dubai as a town early in the 19th century and it was ruled by the clan until the British claimed control in 1892. Dubai quickly became an important hub for trading due to its ideal location on the Persian Gulf.

The discovery of oil in the region in 1966 brought a vast amount of foreign workers to the oil fields, tripling the population of Dubai in a short time, also bringing to the area a large amount of investment from abroad. In 1971 the United Kingdom relinquished its control of the area and the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi along with four other emirates joined to become the United Arab Emirates, with Ras Al-Khaimah joining early the following year.
Twilight Dubai United Arab Emirates

Since that time, not only has the oil industry created great wealth for the area, the business model, which follows basic Western business practices, has been extremely successful. Visitors from around the world come to Dubai to see the innovative projects and experience the outstanding action adventure industry that has become a major draw.

Luxury is in abundance in Dubai. The wide range of Dubai hotels offered leave nothing to chance. The hospitality of the Arabian people is legendary and the businesses in Dubai love to extend that tradition to all visitors. While there are dozens of sumptuous accommodations to be found, Dubai is the home of the only 7 star hotel in existence, Burj Al-Arab, which offers the most luxurious accommodations in the world.Burj-al-Arab Hotel Dubai

Shopping in Dubai is an adventure in itself, and a favorite destination is the souks, offering great bargains and sightseeing. The gold souk offers a dazzling array of gold items displayed throughout and is a testament to Dubai’s reputation as the ‘City of Gold.’ The many malls and shopping centers in Dubai are truly a shopper’s paradise, offering not only merchandise, but leisure and entertainment activities as well.

Adventure tourism is big business in Dubai, My Destination Dubai has many ideas for your next adventure. Dubai, offering adventure seekers everything from Desert Safaris, sand skiing, sky diving, sailing, snorkeling and the list goes on. The most popular and a must when visiting Dubai is a Desert Safari! Take a ride into the desert via a 4-wheel vehicle doing a little ‘dune bashing’ along the way, then once arriving ride atop a camel to visit local Bedouin villages and get a taste of the traditional way of life.

Once back from your safari, a wonderful destination for the evening is the Palms development. The Palms is a group of three engineered developments that extend out into the bay in the shape of palm trees. The developments are a marvel of beauty, style and the ultimate in luxury accommodations and living. Enjoy theme parks, water sports or just relax for a while at one of the many clubs and enjoy a show. Read more information on Dubai here.

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