Nassau Bahamas Beaches

Nassau Cable BeachThe sound of steel drums, the smell of conch fritters, the feel of grainy sand on your skin, the taste of moist and warm rum cake, the sun setting over pastel painted roofs. There's nothing like a Nassau Bahamas vacation. Nassau is the largest city in the Bahamas, and is a booming and popular tourist destination. Many people flock to Nassau Bahamas for its luxurious resorts, amazing hotels, exquisite timeshares, and its sugar sand beaches. The beaches of Nassau Bahamas appeal to families, spring break partiers and retirees alike.

Cable Beach Morning Cable Beach For more than 1,000 feet, the sands of Cable Beach stretch across the island's coastline. Bordered by some of Nassau's most popular hotels and resorts,like the Blue Water Resort, this pristine beach is one of the largest on the island. Grab a snorkel and check out some of the breathtaking marine life beneath the shore, or simply enjoy some water sports. At dusk, watch as the sun sets over this pristine paradise as you breathe in the fresh ocean air. Cable Beach is also convenient to golf courses and recreation, making it the first choice for many travelers.
Cabbage Beach, Nassau, Bahamas Cabbage Beach Wanna soak up some sun while enjoying a day of exhilarating activity? Check out Cabbage Beach. The beach offers access to some of Nassau's most sought-after activities like parasailing, snorkeling and jet-skiing. Cabbage Beach is somewhat smaller than the larger Cable Beach, so if you're looking for a secluded spot, you've come to the right place. The southwest corner of the island is usually quieter, making it the perfect locale for a midnight picnic or quiet chat. Cabbage Beach is just steps away from the cruise ship dock, making it a perfect go-to excursion for those coming into Nassau by ship.
Junkanoo Beach, Nassau Junkanoo Beach Closer to downtown, the location of this pristine beach is perfect for vacationers who want a quick break between shopping and sightseeing. This tiny beach is a well-kept secret, and is often very secluded, making it great for a private getaway. Junkanoo Beach is also one of the few Nassau Bahamas beaches that features private changing areas and restrooms. Junkanoo Beach is the perfect escape for families who want to get the full beach experience while at the same time avoiding huge crowds. A great place to see the large cruise ships that come into Nassau. .



Saunders Beach Saunders Beach Just off the coast of Coral Island is Saunders Beach. This pristine beach makes the excellent day adventure, as food and beverage vendors are in plentiful supply. The water is crystal blue and clear and is some of the calmest on the island. Saunders Beach is popular with families as a popular beach for leisurely swims. Grab an umbrella and head over to Saunders Beach, making sure to stop off for a souvenir from the nearby vendors. There's a reason that thousands of tourists flock to Nassau every year. The close proximity to the Florida coast, coupled with white sand beaches, luxurious hotels, world class internet casinos and delectable cuisine makes it a magnet for sea lovers. Nassau Bahamas beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. Nassau's pristine beaches are not to be missed




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