Short Bike Trip to Dip Tire in Pacific Ocean

The ride started out as a short ride to the beach to dip the rear tire into the Pacific Ocean. Well on the way I got side tracked and decided to take the route to Camp Pendleton. According to the bike maps, the route between San Clemente and Ocean Side goes through Camp Pendleton. Hours that the route is open through Camp Pendleton is open Weekends from 7 am to 5 pm and Monday through Friday 8:30 am till 3 pm. Outside of these times, or if the base is closed to bike riders you would travel on Interstate 5. So I decided to ride the bike route to see where I would come across the guard shack. The ride takes you through San Onofre State Park, the trail is a nice wide trail with some areas being old 2 lane highway. The guard shack ended up being about 10 miles south of San Clemente. Need government issued ID to enter Camp Pendleton “Drivers License, Passport”. So at the guard shack I decided to start the Garmin to get mileage back to my parents house. This way I could time the ride so tomorrow when I start I will be able to make it to the guard shack by 8:30 and will not have to travel on the Interstate.
I did my rear tire dipping at Trestles Beach which is at the south end of San Clemente and the entrance into San Onofre State park. Next wheel dipping should be in St. Augustine.


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