Riding Bike , Getting Use to Trailer

Saturday was spent getting use to the bike with the trailer, The bike seems to ride smooth with the trailer, the main difference or time I notice the trailer is going up hills, I found when you stand on the pedals to get more power up the hills, the center of gravity has moved farther back. What I notice is the front wheel becomes light when you stand up and when you put power to the pedals the front wheel shakes from side to side. This was not felt with a empty trailer, only when I added the load to the trailer. Going up the hills around my parents house, other than being steep(some have a grade of almost 15%) the speed dropped about 2 to 3 miles an hour.
I guess the answer is to stay away from the hills , stay on flat terrain or down hills and while we are at it I will only ride where I have a tailwind the whole way. I wish.
I think the trailer will work fine and in the long run I will be happy that I went with the trailer and not with panniers.


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