Paris, To Know The City One Must Spend Some Time

Sidewalk Cafe , Paris, FranceParis, The City of Light has a long list of impressive, historical sites and the most famous art museum in the world. Notre Dame is a half-day venture in itself. In spite of all these time-consuming and incredible undertakings, one of the most satisfying and pleasurable experiences to be had in Paris is sitting at a sidewalk cafe, taking it all in.

It is said that you can see Paris in a day, whether you are just passing through on a connecting flight to other European destinations or you decided to take a day trip from London via the high speed train. Yet to really get to know the city one must spend some time. An  assortment of Paris apartments and hotels to fit any budget are available allowing travelers the opportunity to get to  know the real Paris.

Parisians consider the cafe a daily part of life in dry weather. Do not neglect the opportunity of soaking up the atmosphere and the culture in the park at the Tuileries Garden or wandering through the Marais. The Marais is in the third and fourth arrondissement in the middle of the city and is known for a culturally open attitude and ethnic communities. It is called trendy, but maintains unequaled and well-preserved architectural points of interest.

The Moulin Rouge has a dinner theater type of cabaret-dance hall to see the can-can in the Montmarte. The feeling inspired by the film will be accessible sitting in the gallery and pretending that Toulouse Lautrec is sitting across the floor sipping absinthe. While there, walk the hilly neighborhoods to take in the art of Dali and destroy the chocolate and pastry calories.

Apollo Fountain At Palace Of Versailles, Paris FranceThe Palace of Versailles in the western suburbs of Paris is the former home of Louis XIV who was later guillotined. Along with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, it is a very populated tourist destination, although Notre Dame on the Ile de la Cite tops it with about twelve million visitors per year. Disneyland Paris is on the eastern outskirts of the city if children are traveling as well. Otherwise, take in the Musees Rodin and Picasso.

The French Open, a Grand Slam event of professional tennis, is held from late May to early June, which may affect travel plans. The Tour de France is three weeks long and 2200 miles, and ends up on the Champs-Elysees on July 24, 2011, just in case that is also a significant vacation time.

Temperatures are mild in winter with an average low of 36 degrees Fahrenheit and a high in summer of 77 degrees F. June can be slightly chilly if it rains. Boat rides on the Seine are relaxing and pleasant most times of the year. One-hour rides along the river are great for kids above toddler age for reasonable prices. Lunch and dinner cruises are available and are slightly pricey, but restful, after trekking around the city.

Palace de la Concorde, Paris , FranceA mere cab ride through the Place de la Concorde in the eighth arrondissement will remind one of the movies and advertisements seen over the years; images from this area are well known. There are also world famous designers nearby for padded wallets. There is a view of the Eiffel Tower behind a large, beautiful fountain for a perfect photo of Paris, and a great memory to share.

There are numerous apartments in Paris, as well as boutique inns and hotels that can put you in the center of the City of Lights. For more information on Paris and surrounding areas in France, check out Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures travel guides.

The sun does not set until 10:30 p.m. in July, so enjoy a leisurely dinner and walk back to the hotel and love Paris.


The Parisian Nightlife

Paris is known for its tourist attractions and romantic atmosphere but this City of Lights is also a haven for partyphiles and adventure seekers not just from France but all over Europe. Is a long stay in the works for your next visit or adventure to Paris?  You will find an almost infinite choice of  Paris apartmentsand hotels throughout the city to chose from that are just minutes away from a nightlife like no other city.  Below are some places you should not miss if you want to experience the true night life Paris has to offer.

Champs Elysees at Night and Fireworks Paris FranceFirst up is Champs Elysees. This infamous chic spot and the widest avenue in the world lights up at night with luxury stores and restaurants open until at least 9 PM on weekdays and much later on weekends. Make sure to dress fashionably when walking around Champs Elysees.The next hot spot in Paris at night is Barrio Latino. This large establishment is known for playing salsa music and is just as hot as the music it plays. Comprised of four floors, this restaurant also has a bar and a nightclub, making it an all in one destination. Its posh people mixed with high priced drinks makes this a perfect place for those looking to look good and flirt. Barrio Latino is located on 46-48 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine

Queen (read: drag queen) is one of the most famous clubs in Paris and is a favorite destination for people-watching. The club attracts a lof of gay and non-gay tourists and is a good place for dancing. Queen is located on 102, Ave. Champs Elysees, Metro: George V

The next spot takes the tempo from dancing to drinking. Laduree Bar is a hip and trendy place that serves great drinks such as its famous macaroom-inspired cocktails. Laduree Bar is in the middle of one of Paris’ most posh neighborhoods, a great place for a drink and a great place to admire the design. Laduree Bar is at 5 ave des Champs Elysees, or 13 rue Lincoln, Metro: George V

Next up is the famous Buddha Bar. This hot spot is not only known as one of the most famous clubs in Paris, it’s also known as one of the most famous nightclubs in the world. This original concept club plays funky music all night long, attracting everyone from the avant-garde to the eager clubbers looking for a good time. There’s no entrance at the Buddha Bar, which makes up for the premium priced drinks. Make sure to check out this place before you leave Paris.

Le Lido de Paris. This cabaret show is one of the most famous in the world. With its exotic shows starting at 7PM up to 11PM, this is an experience you can only get in Paris. Get ready for topless dancers, thrilling drama and amazing special effects in this world class show.

Moulin Rouge Paris FranceFrom show to nightclub, wee go onto La Lacomotive. This huge nightclub is situated on three levels of pure energy, with each level playing a different kind of music. (Electronica/Hiphop/Dance) This club is most frequented by tourists and is located near the infamous Moulin Rouge. Barrio Latino is located on 90, Boulevard de Clichy, 75018

Speaking of the Moulin Rouge, this world famous cabaret act, made even more famous by Hollywood most recently, is one of Paris’ institutions. This thrilling show is unforgettable and even throws in audience participation to make for a world class show only Paris can deliver.

If you are spending any time in Paris on your next travel adventure, you most likely will be enjoying the nightlife the city has to offer. There are numerous apartments in Paris, as well as boutique inns and hotels that can put you in the center of the City of Lights nightlife. For more information on Paris and surrounding areas in France, check out Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures travel guides.

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