Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle, England is located in the small town of Windsor in the south of England. Travel time from London by train is about 1 hour making this a perfect day trip while staying in London. It is a residence of the Royal Family and is notable for being the largest inhabited castle in the world. Presently, more than five hundred people live and work in the castle grounds.

Built in a motte and bailey design, the castle is situated on raised land and surrounded by a moat. This was done to protect it from sieges and it did so with considerable success throughout history. The castle has had many renovations and additions throughout the years including the state apartments that were added in the early 1800's. These apartments are considered to be some of the finest examples of Georgian design in England.
Windsor Castle, Windsor, England
Over the course of time, Windsor Castle has had many different residents and survived several of history's most significant events. During World War Two, the castle was a shelter for the royal family, keeping them safely away from the destruction of London during The Blitz. Even further back in history, it was used as headquarters for the Parliamentary Force during the English Civil War. In 1992, parts of the castle were engulfed in flames as a major fire spread through the Upper Ward section of the palace. It took five years to complete all the repairs to the castle.

Windsor Castle is open to the public throughout selected times of the year. Visitors have access to many sections of the palace including the state apartments, drawing rooms and St. George's Chapel. One of the biggest attractions is Queen Mary's Doll's House. The doll's house took more than three years to complete and includes details such as electric lights and flushing lavatories.

Visitors to Windsor Castle may also enjoy visiting the town of Windsor which sits outside the castle walls. Windsor is a historic town with many traditional features that visitors will find enchanting and the surrounding areas are full of great tourist attractions. Windsor's Great Park features Savill Gardens, an architecturally landscaped parkland that is divided into many different gardens. For family fun there is the Windsor Legoland theme park which has rides and shows to entertain kids of all ages.



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