Quebec, Canada

Stretching from the St Lawrence River to the Arctic Circle, Quebec is a Canadian province brimming with history, culture and tradition. This former French colony has built upon its colonial and native past to become a vibrant and diverse travel destination.

People who come to Quebec realize that it is many destinations in one. There are the quaint, picturesque Inuit villages of the far north and the bustling modern cities of Montreal and Quebec City in the south. The lakes, rivers and mountains of the countryside combined with the museums, chic boutiques and fine dining of the cities unite in a way to please any traveler.

Winter sports enthusiasts will be delighted by the high mountains and spectacular falls of the Cote-de-Beaupre and the ski resorts of the Laurentians region. In summer, relax and enjoy the many festivals, concerts and exhibitions that abound within the province.

Quebec City and Montreal are a delightful mix of old world charm and present day sophistication. The capital of the province, Quebec City is still contained by its fortified walls. Enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride over cobblestone streets as you tour the historic districts of Quarter Petit Champlain and the Place-Royale. The city of Montreal is a multicultural, modern North American metropolis with a French flare. Tour the old city and discover 18th and 19th century homes, the neo-Gothic Notre Dame Basilica and numerous museums that display the region’s interesting past. After a day of sightseeing, enjoy the rhythms of the electrifying nightlife and the world famous cuisine of this innovative and invigorating city.

The rustic charms of the province shine through the farmlands of the eastern townships, the rugged coastline of the pristine Gaspe Peninsula, the cliffs that soar high above the Saquenay River and the enchanting Northern Lights of the Far North. The flora and fauna contained in numerous national parks are a hidden treasure awaiting discovery. Tour the chocolate factory on the Ile d’Orleans or follow a bike path along the majestic St. Lawrence River. There are many natural and manmade wonders within the province to be discovered and enjoyed.

People from all over the world travel to Quebec to discover the province’s unique and varied regions. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventure or to immerse yourself in cultural traditions, a trip to Quebec will be unforgettable.


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