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 Canada is a geographically large country with a long and storied history. Originally inhabited by aboriginal peoples, the country was colonized by the English and the French in the 15th century. In 1497, John Cabot, an Englishman, was the first European to explore Canada. He was closely followed by the French explorer, Jacques Cartier in 1534. The English and the French were impressed by the diversity of the Canadian landscape and the abundance of natural resources. Thus, a race began between both countries to colonize the land. France established the first permanent settlements, Port Royal and Quebec, in the early 1600s. The British founded Newfoundland in 1610.

 After the Inter Colonial Wars were settled, Britain controlled Nova Scotia and most of Canada. A series of treaties and wars plunged the territory into great upheaval for many years. When the War of 1812 erupted between England the United States, the fighting occurred mostly on Canadian soil. Despite this, after the war ended, Canada experienced massive immigration, especially from Britain and Ireland. A movement began to unite French and British Canada into a unified whole. The Act of Union, passed in 1840, established the Province of Canada. By 1860, England had successfully settled Vancouver and British Columbia.
Map of Canada1

 The Canadian Confederation was established by the Constitution Act of 1867. It established a dominion named Canada with Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick being the four provinces that made up the nation. By 1874, Prince Edward Island, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia had become a part of the Confederation. Canada played a major role in World War I and asserted their independence after the war was won. Canada issued the Statue of Westminster in 1931, which proclaimed Canadian Independence. One of Canada's first acts of independence was to declare war on Germany in 1939. The country played a major role in winning the war for the Allies. Because of the pivotal role that Canada had in winning World War II, the country emerged with one the strongest economies and militaries in the world. Canada became one of the founding members of the United Nations.


 The Canadian government is based on a parliamentary system as well as a Constitutional monarchy. The capital of Canada is Ottawa and the county is one of the most stable democratic nations in the world. A stable democracy, a strong economy, and beautiful natural landscapes, make Canada, the second largest country on Earth, a favorite destination for many individuals. Because of its massive size, Canadian weather varies greatly. Certain parts of the country can dip below -40 degrees Fahrenheit, while other parts can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Canada is a gorgeous country with a vibrant history and stable government. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal have become extremely popular tourist destinations and the Canadian population has swelled approximately 5% over the last decade. Enjoying one of the highest quality of life rankings in the world, Canada has risen from a series of divided territories into a unified country that has emerged as one the most powerful nations in the world.

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