Mazatlan, Mexico

If you're interested in a vacation to Mexico, consider taking a trip to Mazatlan. This beautiful city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean is one of the most charming places that Mexico has to offer its visitors, and you will be in awe at the scenery, the people and everything there is to do. Year-round sunny skies, crystal-clear waters and Mexican charm add up to create one of the most favorable tourist areas in Mexico. The history, tradition and culture of Mazatlan make it a unique spot to visit, and you'll take home photographs and long-lasting memories of your trip.

Quiet Day Mazatlan, MexicoEver since Mazatlan was founded by the Spaniards in 1534, the area has been considered a useful sea port. Mazatlan was once very rich in gold and silver mines, and the Germans who later came to settle there used these resources to their advantage. They would mine the materials, use some of them to make tools and then sell the rest of the materials by way of the sea. In their free time, these settlers enjoyed some of the warmest, sunniest skies in the entire world. Soft, sandy beaches awaited them after a hard day's work, and they definitely relaxed in style on their own little private sections of the beaches.

Today, Mazatlan is one of the better values for tourists to visit. It's not nearly as crowded or expensive as Cancun, Cozumel, or Acapulco but it offers a lot of the same Mexican culture, history and activities. Olas Altas is one of Mexico's finest beaches. Everything you need from great lodging, top restaurants, sight-seeing, partying and relaxation is located there. The carnivals prior to Lent are particularly special in Mazatlan and if you can be there during these carnivals, you should plan your trip accordingly. This is the time of year when the people of Mexico really like to cut loose and have fun. Spirits are high and moral is good in Mexico during the carnivals.

Mazatlan offers tourists a great place in Mexico to visit. Because it is a less popular location than the big tourist areas of Mexico, you can have a vacation here for a lot less money than you would in those places. The combination of affordability, great weather, great people and endless fun make Mazatlan one of the most interesting places to visit. Think about going to Mazatlan the next time you plan a vacation to Mexico.


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