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 Mexico, land of ancient civilizations, sun, world class beaches, volcanoes and snow capped mountain ranges, offers endless opportunities for the adventure traveler. Nestled between two great bodies of water, Mexico is bordered to the west by emerald green waters of the Pacific Ocean, to the east, turquoise blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. North will find almost 2000 miles of border with the United States, south the gateway to Central America and the countries of Belize and Guatemala.

 Travelers will find Mexico a land of contrast, not only geographically but socially. Age old customs can still be found in the mountains and towns of Mexico, as well as modern cities that offer the metropolitan feel of one of the world’s largest cities. Mexico holidays will show the traveler all sides of its complex society, wealth, poverty, ineffectiveness, efficiency, beauty and unpleasantness all mixed together. Mexico is made up of 31 states and one Federal District. The countries capital and largest city is located in Mexico City, with a population of almost 110 million people, Mexico has the world’s 11th largest population. Area wise, Mexico is the 5th largest country in the Americas.
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 Mexico, with deserts in the north, tropical rainforest in the south and squeezed in the middle snow capped volcanoes and mountain s, offer unbelievable adventure opportunities.  Two mountain ranges traverse Mexico north to south, the Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre Occidental, in the south is the Sierra Madre del Sur and from east to west  the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Eco tours, Mountain Climbing, white water rafting to name a few. Mexico has over 6000 miles of coast line, to the west the Pacific Ocean and Baja California. To the east, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, whale watching, turtle hatching, sunbathing to some of the world’s best scuba diving. Mexico is among the world’s richest countries in terms of Biological diversity, with plant and animal life rivaling Brazil, Colombia Thailand and Africa.

 Looking to trek through tropical jungles in search of exotic wildlife, explore ancient civilizations while climbing to the top of a Mayan temple, or maybe just an evening stroll through a 500 year old Spanish colonial town. Maybe your idea of vacation and travel will take you to a world class beach like the Caribbean’s Cancun, the Pacific’s Puerto Vallarta’s as you drink a margarita while enjoying the sunset or just soak up the sun on Baja’s Los Cabo beaches. Maybe a train ride through the middle of nowhere viewing canyons that rival the Grand Canyon in the United States, travelers will find Mexico with unique and endless choices.



 Traveling to and within Mexico has become very easy. International flights from Europe, Canada, Latin America and the United States have made reaching Mexico and its many cities convenient. Numerous domestic flights from modern airports inside of Mexico has made air travel expedient. An ever expanding highway system has given Mexico a network of over 200,000 miles of good and safe roads and highways making travel easier and more accessible.

 Staying in Mexico offers the traveler a wide choice of accommodations, 2012 holidays from Travelmatch can help, whether you are looking for a beach side bungalow, boutique bed and breakfast, haciendas, ultra luxury high rise hotels or a mansion from Spanish colonial times, one will have unbelievable choices when staying in Mexico.




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