Guerrero State, Mexico

One of the more beautiful and lesser known states of Mexico is Guerrero, a state located in the south of Mexico and filled with many rivers, mountains, and other natural beauties. Guerrero has a tropical climate with rain occurring mostly during the spring and the fall, making it a great place to visit for a summer vacation as well as a winter getaway.

There are three main areas to visit in Guerrero, and each ones has different things to offer. Acapulco is on the sea is is known for its gorgeous beaches. The city began as a seaport and was used for trade before it became more popular with tourists. Some of these beaches are perfect for just relaxing and taking in a little bit of sun and sand, and others get regular waves that are appealing to surfers. In addition to the beaches Acapulco offers a little bit of everything. You can stroll down the boardwalk, go to the theatre, view historical buildings such as a cathedral, or engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, or fishing. You can even try cliff diving at La Quebrada, which is located directly next to the ocean.

Acapulco, Guerrero, MexicoAnother area in Guerrero is Taxco de Alarcon, a mining town that dates back to the early 1500's. It was mainly used for mining silver, and today features some lovely historical spots and beautiful colonial architecture. There are many historical buildings still standing, including a cathedral, several houses, temples, and even a castle. Visitors can also go to several museums that explain the history of the town and put some of its historical artifacts on display. Throughout the year there are several festivals and carnivals that take place in Guerrero, including the San Miguel Fair and National Silver Fair.

The town of Ixtapa and the nearby Zihuatanejo are one of the main tourist developments in Guerrero due to their popular beaches and views. Resorts have been built here for visitors and tourists looking for a tropical holiday. However, Ixtapa is not all about tourists and beaches. Ixtapa is also a nature park and a great place to observe wild birds and other animals. Ixtapa is a modern port with more of the modern day conveniences, while Zihuatanejo is a smaller fishing town. Zihuatanejo is not quite as touristy as Ixtapa, and though it is still a popular place to visit, it is preferred by people who are looking for something more relaxing or off the beaten path.

The shops in Guerrero offer everything from small souvenirs to valuable gifts. You can find unique, handmade items carved out of coconut or wood, paper mache, and pottery. Jewelry is also a popular product here. Taxco de Alarcon in particular is a good place to get jewelry, as their silver mines have led to many jewelers in this area. In addition to the shops, you can find many restaurants with lots of good offerings around Guerrero. Many of the local dishes are seafood dishes, as well as traditional Mexican food.


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