Chihuahua State, Mexico

The State of Chihuahua is located in northern Mexico along the border with the United States. Chihuahua is known as El Estado Grande or The Big State because of its large land mass, the most of any Mexican state. Although primarily identified with its namesake Chihuahuan Desert, the area is a mix of rugged mountains, wide river valleys and extensive forests. The state’s climate is subtropical with an average temperature of 68º, but this is highly influenced by elevation. Major cities include the capital city Chihuahua, the manufacturing center of Ciudad Juarez and the agricultural hub of Delicias.

Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico.Eco-tourists who visit the state will find a wide variety of flora and fauna. In the higher elevations of the Sierra Madre Occidental range, you will find the world’s largest variations of pine trees. Animals native to the area include wild boar, mule deer, the American bison and Mexican wolf. You will discover why the World Wide Fund for Nature lists the Chihuahuan Desert as one of the most biodiverse deserts in the world. There are spectacular views afforded by the Copper Canyon System and its majestic waterfalls. You can explore the Namurachi Canyon and its caves. Guests can hike the trails of the Cumbres de Majalca National Park and view the amazing rock formations that were created by time, water and wind. The area is also popular with campers, bikers and rock climbers.

Cultural tourists can visit the Las Jarillas Cave and see cliff-side dwellings that date from 1200 A.D. You can tour the Quinta Gameros mansion and the Palacio de Alvarado, which are fine architectural examples of Porfiriato period. You can visit historic buildings in the city of Chihuahua, such as the Church of St. Francis and the 19th century Museo Casa Juarez. The museum served as the national palace of the republic and home of Benito Juarez while Mexico was ruled by Maximilian. Tourists can also visit the Metropolitan Cathedral. Designed in the Spanish Baroques style and constructed in 1725, it is considered one northern Mexico’s finest examples of colonial architecture.

The State of Chihuahua is a land of inspiring scenery that includes mountains, fertile river valleys, deserts and canyons. There is an abundant array of recreational and sightseeing opportunities awaiting visitors who want to enjoy the fresh clean air and wide open spaces of Chihuahua.


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