Campeche State, Mexico

The Mexican State of Campeche is situated on the western side of the Yucatan Peninsula. Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, Belize and the Yucatan state, the state has many historic colonial and Mayan sites as well as a rich biodiversity.

Campeche, the capital, was founded in 1540 and was one of the most important ports of New Spain. Cultural tourists can experience historic religious sites, such as the late 16th century Church of the Apostle James and the San Luis Obispo Monastery in Calkini. The 17th century monastery was constructed over the remains of a Mayan temple. The main cathedral in Campeche, the Church of Saint Francis, marks the spot where the first mass was held on the American mainland. There are numerous Mayan archeological sites waiting to be discovered, such as Calakmul and Pyramid of the Five Floors.

Mayan Ruins of Calakmul, Campeche, MexicoEco-tourists who explore the marvelous Mexican countryside will find a number of ecosystems that range from savanna to rainforest and from coastal to inland. There are coral reefs, mangrove and hardwood forests. Observers of the rich wildlife will note various bird, reptile, aquatic species, deer, rabbits and armadillos. The Calakmul Biosphere is a reserve that consists of moist forests, aquatic vegetation and deciduous trees. The Laguna de Terminos is teeming with sea bass, small sharks, turbles and storks. The lagoon is ringed by a series of smaller lakes and borders the Gulf of Mexico. You can also explore the caves of Chuncedro and Xculhoc.

There are numerous festivals held throughout the year. The history festival attracts thousands of artists and academics to celebrate the culture and traditions of the region. The largest festival is Carnival, a city-wide religious celebration, that features traditional folk dances, such as the Baile del Pavo and tropical jaranas. You can sample the Mestizo and Mayan influenced local cuisine as you observe traditional dances and listen to the folk music of the region. One of the best places to find seafood is in the town of Ciudad del Carmen.

Visitors to Campeche will find a wide variety of water sports. In the coastal cities and towns, you can swim, snorkel or just enjoy the sun on beaches, such as Mar Azul, Isla de Pajaros and Costa Blanca. In the interior, guests will enjoy water parks that take advantage of the area’s rivers and lakes.

Campeche is a well-kept secret on the Yucatan Peninsula that is awaiting your discovery.


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