Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada is beautiful and exciting city that draws visitors from around the world. With a population of nearly a million people, Calgary is the fourth largest city in Canada and largest in the Province of Alberta. Located on the banks of the Bow River and situated close to the Rocky Mountain system, the city of Calgary was formally established in 1875. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, thousands of people poured into the city lured by the promise of homestead land. This frontier spirit gives Calgary much of its character and has made it into one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse cities.

Calgary’s expansion was fueled by the discovery of large oil reserves in 1947. Although the city experienced a prolonged decline in revenue when energy prices bottomed out during the 1980s, city planners who worked to diversify the economy, coupled with the rising oil prices of the 2000s, spurred the economy’s resurgence. Calgary became such a renowned city that it was chosen to host the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. As a world-class city, Calgary receives nearly four million visitors a year, with over a million people flocking to the city for the annual Calgary Stampede.

The Calgary Stampede boasts a huge parade and features what is widely considered the largest rodeo in the world. The Stampede is a ten-day event that also features fairs, concerts, and chuckwagon racing. The winter climate makes Calgary and ideal locale for winter sports. The Canada Olympic Park hosts many winter sports events including luge, downhill skiing, and snowboarding among many others. With considerably mild summers and abundant sunshine, Calgary also provides many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Golfing, water skiing, fly-fishing, and mountain biking are popular throughout the region.

The economic boom has also helped the city develop a thriving cultural scene that has something for every taste. Expansive shopping centers such as The Core Shopping Centre and the Eau Claire Market form the backbone of a flourishing downtown that boasts a diverse array of restaurants, public spaces, and nightlife. In addition, the Calgary Zoo, the Telus World of Science, Glenbow Museum, and the Art Gallery of Calgary all attract thousands of visitors every year. In addition, the Heritage Park Historical Village and Spruce Meadows provide a reprieve for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Calgary is a beautiful, unique city that not only provides a plethora of activities for sports and outdoors enthusiasts, but it also has a number of must-see cultural and public landmarks. From its hardscrabble origins, Calgary has grown to become one of the highest ranked cities on earth in terms of quality of life and cleanliness.


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